The Best Reactions To Ash Ketchum Finally Becoming The World’s Greatest Pokémon Trainer

He finally did it.

After 25 years, Ash Ketchum is officially the Pokémon world’s best trainer. And the internet couldn’t be prouder of our favorite trainer from Pallet town.

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In the certified hit that is the official theme song of the Pokémon animated series, a part narrates lead protagonist Ash Ketchum’s main goal in life: to be the best like no one ever was. His quest to becoming number one is as integral to his character as is Pikachu by his side. For more than two decades and 1200 episodes, the perpetual 10-year-old trainer has battled many foes, caught hundreds of Pokémon, and stopped numerous plans of Team Rocket. It was a long journey to the top filled with countless wins and heartbreaking defeats. But finally, Ash made his number one goal a reality now that he’s officially the greatest Pokémon trainer in the world.

On episode 132 of Pokémon Journeys: The Series, Ash Ketchum has made it to the Pokémon World Championship where he faced of against the world’s best. It all came down to the wire when he got up against Leon, his final match that featured many of Ash’s friends over the years watching. After a heated battle, Ash defeated Leon to claim the title in a moment that will get any long-time fan teary-eyed. It look like Pikachu was going down, but at the final moment, all of Ash’s OG Pokémon visited the yellow Pokémon in a vision and rooted for him. With their help, Pikachu defeated Charizard. It was a victory that felt even better as it boiled down to Ash’s Pikachu defeating Leon’s Charizard, an appropriate turn of events if we do say so ourselves.

As expected, the internet was Team Ash as one of anime’s most iconic characters finally achieved his goal in life. It was not only a win for Ash, but for the countless fans who have followed the show and rooted for the humble trainer’s journey. Let’s take a look at some of the best interactions we found on the internet that captured the euphoric spirit of the win.



His tweet is actually quite heartwarming, because he talks about how those who started from the bottom knows how much it takes to reach the top. Ash’s win is not just personal, but also for all the underdogs out there.


Hundreds of fans watched the historic event at the famous Shibuya crossing in Japan as an actual viewing party was being held at the spot. Given the moment though, it felt correct.


In case you didn’t know, Sarah Natochenny is the English voice of Ash Ketchum in the English dub of the anime. (Yes, Ash is voiced by a woman, like many famous male animated characters.) Considering the history she has with the character, it’s an emotional win to say the least.





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