This Pinoy Artist Imagined What Pokémon Would Look Like In The Philippines And Genshin Impact

Pyroparu, I choose you!

Artist Jhay Alejo put his own spin on what would it look like if the Pokemon games were set in the country and in the world of Genshin Impact.

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One is an iconic video game series that has stood the test of time to be beloved by many generations. The other is one of the hottest games right now and has attracted a fan base that extends into many different demographics. While on the surface, Pokemon and Genshin Impact may have little in common, but both are very popular video games with imaginative worlds that have charmed both players and non-players. Pokemon has made millions of kids and kids at heart want to become Pokemon trainers in real life while Genshin Impact is the new kid on the block that has inspired many with its mystical world. One person who has been inspired by both games is Pinoy artist Jhay Alejo.


20 years ago Pokemon made its debut on U.S. television : r/pokemon

A digital artist and character designer, Jhay took his love for both games and decided to make character mock-ups of how Pokemon would look in the country and in Genshin Impact. According to Jhay, he has been a big fan of Pokemon ever since he was young, so he decided to give his own take it with his Filipino edition designs. Inspired by animals such as tilapia and the tarsier, as well as Philippine folklore and myths, Jhay’s designs wouldn’t be out of place if ever as a game, movie, or series set in the Philippines. And when it comes to naming a region’s professor after a tree, Jhay says that he would name his Professor Acacia.

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As for Genshin Impact, he took the worlds and characters of the game such as Liyue as inspiration for his Pokemon and they look like they would be right at home in Genshin Impact and a real treat for any Genshin fan or player. His designs also come complete with how their evolutions would look like as well as their elemental type.

Jhay has posted a lot of Pokemon fan art before. In fact, his designs have actually been included in a video game. Back in August this year, his Malworm character skin design for Jormungandr was included in Smite. Check out the designs below and you can see more of Jhay’s art on Instagram and his Ko-fi profile. Jhay Alejo is also open for commissions.


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