5 Times The Queens Spoke Facts At The Binibining Pilipinas 2023 Coronation

Did they lie?

Tea was spilled and facts were stated by quite a few of the Binibining Pilipinas 2023 queens.

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Sure, pageants are often known for their attention to beauty, grace, and elegance. But modern pageants go beyond the physical aspect as a true queen goes beyond her looks. That’s what the time-tested Q&A portion is there for as the much-talked-about moment is the chance for the final queens as they share their thoughts on a variety of topics.

It can make or break a potential winner, and more importantly, let the contestants showcase their character, values, beliefs, and more. Such was the case in the Binibining Pilipinas 2023 grand coronation. While many answers were given that night, some queens stood out from the others with answers that broke through the noise. Check out the queens who spoke nothing but facts during the coronation night.


While some have run their mouths saying that beauty queens shouldn’t openly express their political beliefs, Bataan’s Mary Balana told us that isn’t the case. Everyone is entitled to their political opinions, even beauty queens, especially given their platform for change. “A queen must know how to stand on her grounds and be able to express herself because it’s true understanding what’s going on in our society, that we would be able to know what to do, and that should come from us queens and as well as our leader in the country.”

And if that wasn’t enough, she ended her answer with a statement that many needed to hear, “It’s important that we can express our own political views without being harmed.” Tell it, queen.


The pressure society puts on people to look a certain way is real, much so for beauty queens who are intensely judged if they don’t fit a certain mold. Albay’s Jeanne Bilasano doesn’t see it that way. When asked how she finds that balance of good health and dieting, she made it a point to say that it’s okay for Filipinas to not fit someone’s standard as long as they are personally happy and healthy.

“It can be hard on Filipinas to maintain their figures. And I want to tell everybody that no matter what size, shape, or figure you are, as long as you’re proud of your body, as long as you’re happy with yourself, that’s the best thing that can be to be in the perfect shape.” A beauty queen sharing a message of body positivity during a national pageant? We love to see it.


When asked what aspect of her life Davao del Sur’s Katrina Johnson is unapologetic for, she goes straight to the point by talking about who she is as a person. “What I am most unapologetic for is my authenticity, my honesty, my sincerity.” While beauty pageants, and society and general, may pressure people into acting like someone they are not, Katrina reminded us that life shouldn’t be an act as they are people in this world who will accept you for who you are.

“I really hope that I’m able to inspire other people standing on this stage showing you that even if you may not fit the societal norm, if you are who you are, then you can show that to the world.”


While social media is home to many ills that plague society, it also can be used as a tool for proper change. That’s the point Cavite’s Atasha Parani made when she was asked about social media’s effect on building fragile connections. “As a public figure and as someone from ABS-CBN who gives service to the Filipino, what I believe is that in social media, it’s not just connection, but as well engagement and touching people’s lives with the heart that you have.”

Pivoting towards her advocacy of helping domestically abused children, the former PBB housemate wants to use social media as a platform to help kids out there who are struggling. “I just really want to show everyone that with social media and every platform, you can still move people and the world.”


While this wasn’t said by a queen during the Q&A segment, it’s worth talking about. During the show, Catriona, who served as one of the co-hosts for the night, said a statement that the queens took to heart. “You are never denied and only redirected.”

While we all know Catriona as Miss Universe 2018, her journey to becoming that wasn’t easy. She had her bumps on the road, so she knows what she’s talking about. For the contestants who didn’t bag a crown during the grand coronation, it probably was a sign that something else is waiting for them. even regular viewers at home could find comfort in this piece of advice as a closed door can always lead to another unlocked pathway.

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