Suga Psy - That That MV - BTS

Psy And BTS’s Suga Have A Wild West Dance Party In That That

Sometimes you just want to wear a cowboy hat and clapback at the haters.

To mark his return to music in five years, Psy enlists the help of BTS’s Suga for That That, a track that swings open the doors of the saloon and gets the party started.

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When you’re K-pop superstar Psy, a comeback has to be anything but ordinary. Regardless of what you think of the song, you can’t deny the impact Gangnam Style had on the global K-pop scene. Not only was it a smash hit and global dance craze, it also was the first introduction of K-pop to many. Even before Gangnam Style, Psy was already a popular act in Korea. But since dropping his last album in 2018 and leaving YG Entertainment, it’s been relatively radio silence in terms of music for him. He did set up P Nation, which has since earned a reputation as a safe haven for underrated and mistreated Korean acts.

So, when you announce your first new music in five years, how do you make a comeback? In Psy’s case, it’s by working with one of the members of the biggest boy band in the world and creating a song that loudly announces your toe-tapping return.


Teaming up with BTS’s Suga, Psy’s That That is an upbeat and dance-heavy track that blends elements of Latin music. Not only does Suga feature on the song, but he also produced it as well, blending his style with the often bouncy and hyper vibe Psy is known for. The song doesn’t hold back with announcing Psy’s return in 2022 as he and Suga deliver a party anthem about living your life.

The song’s sound, lyrics, and style relate a feeling of letting your inhibitions go and even bust a move as seen in the track’s addicting chorus. Psy’s signature style is still there while Suga’s bars are straight up fire with his rap about how he’s still standing despite what others have thrown his way. We also appreciate the nice callbacks to MIC Drop with the “haters gonna hate, players gonna play” line.


The accompanying music video is a wonder. Psy has been known to deliver over-the-top productions and That That is no exception. Set in a town in the Wild West, Psy, along with a town’s worth of dancers, channel their inner cowboy and cowgirl as they dance around town. There’s even a reference to Psy’s most famous song as we see him done the iconic blue suit from Gangnam Style. Suga then shows up in dramatic fashion, which when he does, you already know you’re in for a treat. The fact that he started his verse with “Bruh, you forget what I do for a living?” means he’s coming for blood.

While Suga looks as cool as ever, we love how his less serious side shows. It’s nice how he kept up with Psy’s moves, cowboy hat and all, and even had a fist fight with Gangnam Style Psy.

That That isn’t the only thing to get excited for though. Psy also dropped PSY 9TH, his 9th studio album. And the 12-track LP is filled with a who’s who of K-pop stars. Aside from Suga, Psy also has collabs artists like Jessi in the hard-hitting hip-hop track GANJI, Heize in the acoustic and breezy Sleepless, and Hwasa in the 80s city pop inspired Now. The way Psy got all these artists together on one album, iconic behavior no doubt.  

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