Pop Off: The Bella Poarch Funko Pop Sold Out In Just Three Hours

She's powerful like that.

Fresh from the box, the mini-me collectible of Filipino TikTok sensation Bella Poarch proves to be as powerful as she is.

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After just three hours of being posted on the Funko website, the Bella Poarch POP! vinyl figure quickly sold out. Through an Instagram story, Bella posted a screenshot of the reactions of her fans telling her that it’s out of stock already, a testament to the singer and TikTok star’s undeniable sparkle. The power indeed.


It was during the San Diego Comic Con two months ago, where Funko announced their upcoming POP! and Mondo releases, that Bella Poarch made a surprise visit to present her own POP! collectible and was warmly received by the audience members.

@bellapoarch This ain’t build a…pop! My first ever Funko Pop is out now🖤 @OriginalFunko ♬ original sound – Bella Poarch

Fast forward to September 27, Funko finally unveiled the internet sensation’s vinyl figure inspired by Bella’s outfit in her Build A B*tch music video. (There’s also another limited-edition collectible where a little Bella is holding an axe.) Both have quickly gone and are still currently out of stock. But don’t fret, Funko has announced that there’s going to be a restock soon.

“It’s so cute! It looks like a mini me, literally,” the proud Filipino singer-songwriter said during her POP! Talk interview with the founder of Funko, Mike Becker. She also talked about her music and fashion inspirations while simultaneously building a POP! figure. “They’re really all inspired from the things that I grew up with, like anime and Sucker Punch, the movie. I used to like rewatch that movie all the time.”


The Living Hell singer also talked about when she was part of the US Navy and was stationed in Japan. “It taught me be to be patient. It also taught me that even if you are the tiniest person in the room, you can still be the strongest.” Bella was recently recognized by Forbes as one of its Top Creators and was also featured in its 30 under 30 2022 list. 

Bella also shared an advice to young people about the toxicity of social media and her reactions to negative criticisms. “I used to cry about the negative comments. And then I learned that it doesn’t really matter what they think about you. You can’t really please everyone. You just learn to ignore that.”

When asked about what the future holds for Bella at the moment, she said, “I do have a lot of goals in the future like performing live and going home to the Philippines.” 

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