POLL: What’s Your Favorite New Song Of April 2022?

Who's going to win this time?

With fire releases from music stars like Harry Styles, BIGBANG, IVE, BGYO, and more, which new song became your favorite of the month?

Honestly, time sometimes go so fast that you can hardly remember what happened. But when looking at the past month in terms of music releases, it made for 30 days of exciting new tunes that became a constant presence in our playlists and favorites of the replay button. From OPM, K-pop, Western music, and more, there was a lot to enjoy and take in this month. This is why we wanted to know, which new song was your favorite? Which new track was your song of the month? Vote for your pick/s in the poll below. Unli voting is allowed, but please refrain from using other voting methods that lead to unfair advantages. Voting ends on May 10, Tuesday, 8 AM PH Time.


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