4 Reasons Why PLUUS Is Pushing The Boundaries For Rookie P-pop Groups

SB19's baby brother?

Here’s what you need to know about SBTown’s latest boy group looking to capture your heart.

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As the man behind SB19, Tatang Robin is no stranger to creating that barrier-breaking P-pop boy group. He and his team know what it takes to make a group that rises above the noise. And Tatang Robin is looking to harness that magic once more as the veteran producer and SBTown recently debuted their latest boy group, PLUUS. Composed of the words PLUS and US, PLUUS is a six-member boy group comprising of members JL, Yen, Haro, Theo, Justin, and Gab. They are being co-managed by SBTown and Universal Records Philippines (a first for a P-pop boy group).

After spending years at the SBTown Talent Camp, the boys finally debuted on March 31, joining their sister group YGIG as the new generation of P-pop groups under SBTown. And based on how their debut went, PLUUS is speeding out of the gate swinging. Here’s what you need to know about this promising rookie P-pop boy group.


PLUUS’ road to debut was a long one. Their training began in 2019 and lasted for four years. In between that, the boys also had to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic that delayed their training. But while their journey wasn’t easy, it was worth it as it honed the boys into the talented idols that they are today. SBTown made it clear that the group’s training wasn’t just for singing, rapping, and dancing, but it also honed their personality, mindset, and character. The holistic training was meant to ready the boys for the spotlight, physically, mentally, and emotionally. After all, idols aren’t just expected to be talented, they also need to have a good character, too.


Normally, idol groups have set roles among their members. But what differentiates PLUUS from most is that the members don’t have pre-determined positions. SBTown made their training program such that each member is trained to do well in singing, rapping, dancing, and even a little acting. The boys aren’t here to follow the K-pop model but strike their own path. In essence, the boys are all-rounders. And FYI, PLUUS doesn’t have a set leader. Instead, they operate on a rotating style with Justin currently serving as the group’s leader.


A debut normally entails a song and music video release. But PLUUS decided to be a little extra by dropping not one, but three music videos for their debut. Their debut album, PLUUS + Y.M., includes three songs; CROSS MY HEARTMY TIME, and AMIGO. AMIGO is a hard-hitting pop number, MY TIME is more of an upbeat and fun track, while CROSS MY HEART is a bit more melancholic but with a pop edge.

Not only did the boys film a music video for each track, but they dropped it on the day of their debut. The cherry on top of it all is that the members had a hand in their debut’s production as they were involved in writing tracks and making choreography. They’re giving visuals and vocals from the jump. Now that’s effort.


SBTown had the budget ready for PLUUS. If a debut album and music videos for each track weren’t enough, the boys also have a physical album fans can buy. While some rookie groups have to wait over a year to be able to release an album, PLUUS was already accepting pre-orders before their official debut. As for the album itself, it comes with all the works you can expect from a quality package, from the photocards to a magazine, the physical CD and more.

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