7 Pinoy TikTokers Who Get Filipino High School Life Down To A T

Euphoria could not.

From the unforgettable classroom dramas to the lingering presence of that terror teacher, these TikTok stars know Pinoy high school life all too well.

Remember the good ol’ days of high school? The laughter, the drama, the awkward moments that made us cringe and smile all at once? Well, Filipino TikTok stars have found a way to capture those exact moments and turn them into pure digital gold. These online sensations have become the master storytellers of our teenage years, with their relatable videos that transport us back to the corridors filled with laughter, the classrooms buzzing with energy, and those little gems of friendships that became our safe spaces.

As Sharon Cuneta once melodiously crooned, “High school life oh my high school life, every memory kay ganda,” these talented creators have transformed those lyrics into living, breathing anecdotes that make us laugh out loud, reminisce, and yearn for those unforgettable teenage years. So, get ready to relive the era of crushes, cliques, and kilig-filled puppy loves, as these TikTok maestros have beautifully crafted a virtual time machine that brings our own high school adventures vividly back to life.

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Ychan laurenz


ang hirap pag pawisin tapos mainit sa classroom

♬ original sound – Ychan Laurenz

Like us, perhaps the uber-relatable content of Ychan Laurenz has been one of your sources of dopamine during the lockdown era. First going viral on Facebook, Ychan also quickly gained attention on TikTok with her videos set in all the familiar and nostalgic corners of the Pinoy high school. From Cheska’s “bida-bida” antics to Sheila, whose main character syndrome knows no bounds, and the Wattpad- and K-drama-fueled Ruby, Ychan Laurenz really knows how to tickle our funny bones with student alter-egos that will make us remember of THAT classmate of ours.



Isa sa mga kahinaan natin last f2f😭

♬ original sound Ranollo – Esnyr

Another exceptionally talented content creator who never fails to provide us with some nostalgic joy is the award-winning TikTok star, Esnyr Ranollo. Whether it’s depicting class wars, love teams, inter-section competitions, group projects, our beloved teachers, that one canteen personnel we all know, or the various types of student personalities we can all relate to, Esnyr masterfully captures the essence of the drama, anxiety, fun, and frustrations of Filipino high school life. Now also an accomplished actor and sought-after endorser, Esnyr continues to deliver content that deeply resonates with our teenage selves. He’s TikTok’s Creator of the Year awardee for a reason.

Sassa gurl


Yung may naglilista ng noisy kasi wala si maam

♬ original sound – Sassa Gurl

Do you recall the silent thrill and tension that would fall over the classroom when someone began listing the noisiest on the blackboard? Or the chaotic flurry that ensued as soon as the bell rang? Well, comedienne, actress, host, cover star, and calendar girl Sassa Gurl has just got the ideal content that will let you relive those moments.

With a TikTok page that somehow doubles as a high school diary, Sassa effortlessly transports you back to your cherished memories of Christmas parties, computer shop adventures, the unwavering support of your squad’s protective mhiema, the butterflies you felt for your high school crush, and the day your class president experienced a breakdown that left all other officers requesting your respect, all the while giving you a great dose of good vibes and leaving you in stitches.


@charlizeruth #fyp ♬ original sound – charuth

Meanwhile, TikToker Charlize Ruth, also known as charuth, takes us down memory lane by her videos that pay tribute to none other than our teachers. Her “Teachar” series brings to life all the memorable quirks and behaviors of our beloved high school second parents. From the teacher who becomes increasingly irritable during exam periods and the surprise long quizzes that leave us on edge, to those dreaded encounters in the hallways and the teacher who remains unswayed by any attempts at winning them over, Charlize Ruth’s TikTok entries are not only accurate depictions of the unique and endearing qualities of our teachers but also a reminder of the significant impact they had on our lives.

Marvin Fojas

@marvsfojas ATTENDANCE.mp4 Watch ‘till the end! 😁 #marvinfojas #schooleksena #pinoypov ♬ original sound – Marvin Fojas

Whether it’s the palpable memories of joy when your teacher was feeling generous with bonus points or the caution you had to take everytime you take out a pad of paper in front of your parasites of classmates, Marvin Fojas really has an intimate grasp of Filipino high school life. His  portrayals of the cringeworthy ways of those high school couples, those plastikan scenes between pseudo besties, and that all-too-relatable “bawi na lang sa finals” attitude for when you know you fail that exam are just too on-point you might smell the scent of your classroom again.

Christian Antolin

@sesbombchris IM SURE NA EXPERIENCE MO TO l, WAG KANG ANO DI KA RICH KID #marga ♬ original sound – Christian Antolin

If there’s one thing Christian Antolin is known for, it’s the top-tier production quality of his video content. And this is also evident in his high school series where we follow the adventures of his kikay schoolgirl alter-ego Margaret “Marga” Mondragon and her squad. From those lutang moments during recitation to that groupmate who gives her all because it’s individual grading and the embarrassing graduation scenes, name that high school memory and Christian Antolin will make incredibly creative and hilarious wonders out of it.

Mikee Imnida

@mikeeimnida Wag niyo po silang tularan😇🙏 #fyp #fypシ #foryoupage #marie #mikaela ♬ original sound – MIKEE

If you need a daily dose of high school skits that just hit the right spot, then Mikee Imnida’s page is brimming with it. Primarily focused on high school life, Mikee’s content features multiple characters and intertwining plotlines that could be your next TikTok escape. From Marie the bully to the ever-lovestruck and K-pop stan Minnie, his content is even classified into different high school personas you can identify with. This, plus some BL and GL subplots, Euphoria-but-make-it-Pinoy parodies, and other satisfying library, school court, canteen, and convenience store dramas that, to be honest, can be a local high school show on its own.

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