How Patty Tiu Is Helping The Next Generation In The New Phase Of Her Career

A new era for Patty Tiu.

While the turntable is now officially turned off, Patty Tiu is still putting in the moves like the barrier-breaker that she is.

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A decade ago, Patty Tiu, then a teenager, traded her corporate job for borrowed headphones, subpar equipment, and low-quality downloads. She then set off in a career as a DJ despite the fact that she was starting from square one. But it was creativity and persistence that kept her going as she learned the craft. She eventually became one of the hottest DJs in Manila and helped break the glass celling of female DJs in the country.

But after conquering the heights of the DJ world, Patty is now ready to put her headphones down with her official retirement as a DJ. Still, that doesn’t mean she’s out of the game. In fact, the next phase of her career sees her aiming for another kind of legacy. One deeply entrenched in music and artistry, but also backed by revolutionary tech and overflowing with empowerment. Patty Tiu is making her mark in new industries.


You’ve probably heard the term Web3 recently, whether from a friend, a news article, or TV. But what exactly is Web3? It’s the collective term for the decentralized internet we associate with cryptocurrencies and NFTs.

To non-techies, this may seem like a lot to take in. But at the very core of Web3 are two things that matter the most: the technology behind it and the communities supporting it. Web3 has the potential to be a game changer not just for technology, but the way we live our lives. Patty Tiu is looking to harness the power of Web3 to do just that. “It is our chance to lead. We may be behind most of the time in a lot of things. But we haven’t completely lost the race just yet. We should adapt,” she said during a recent Web3 debate. This is where the blockchain enters. 


ICYDK, the blockchain is a system where data is collected into secure blocks and permanently stored on a public ledger. Anyone can add to the record but no one can alter what has already been encoded. For full transparency, the receipts are accessible to anyone. Transactions involving money, data, or files take place between two parties without the need for intermediaries. Instead of a central authority supervising and authorizing these transactions, it is a smart contract itself that performs or rejects them for you in real time.

With the power of the blockchain, people will have better access and control over how they use their money and other important assists. The autonomy will be there. Gone are the hassles and hurdles we face daily. It opens up a world of opportunities for investing and finance.

Patty Tip sees this all. This is why the next chapter of her career looks to tap its huge potential for the benefit of the country. Better services, more privacy, and greater artistic control are just some of the cards on the table. And not everything needs to be overhauled overnight. The new solutions can co-exist with the old. The bottom line is that artists will have more freedom to choose.

Patty Tip is a woman of fierce determination and relentless passion for life. She knows how it feels to face rejection, to stare down impossible odds, to fight tooth and nail for your health, career, and dreams. She has made it her life mission to help as many people as she can. Emerging tech is the next field she hopes to make her make. She wants tech that seeks to make a difference. Tech that promises a better life and more equality for her kababayans across the country And of course, she’s not going to do this alone. 


Already she’s working with and partnered with some of the country’s most active tech communities. One of these, Filipinas NFT, is a thriving community of Filipina artists championing women’s empowerment. It’s a cause that resonates with Patty’s advocacy, as someone who spent years striving to excel in a male-dominated industry. On the other hand, Tier One’s incubator program, Alliance, brings together content creators and personalities in Web3 and guides them to be global thought leaders in the blockchain space. 

Patty is the Public Relations officer for XOVOX Labs, the creators of Near Gang Couture. She is the co-founder, and head of partnerships and communications of Filipinas NFT. She’s a music contributor and content creator for The House of Crypto and a proud member of the TIER ONE Entertainment Alliance. She is the co-founder and partnerships and communications head of the Web3 events management agency After Midnight Media

Just recently, Patty got appointed as the head of partnerships and communications of Nekoin Protocol, a token ecosystem that seamlessly bridges the gap between Web 2 and Web 3, beginning with the SurgePay Wallet that’s been providing Filipinos with better payment solutions since 2018.

More than just a tech revolution, Web3 marks the transition to a new culture of collaboration where people get an equal slice of the pie. While her new ambitions are lofty, Patty is no stranger to meeting those. From the language of electronic dance music to the language of the blockchain, from heart-pumping performances to the breakneck pace of crypto innovation, she has always been and will always be a trailblazer. She’s done it before, and she’s ready to do it all over again.