Hit Anime ‘One Piece’ Is Getting A New Remake!

Heads Up, One Piece Is Getting A New Remake! Here’s Everything We Know So Far

Long live the Straw Hats!

After the successful release of the One Piece live-action adaptation series, Netflix is bringing more of Monkey D. Luffy’s story to screens with a new animated remake.

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In a cool Christmas gift for fans, One Piece is coming back to screens with a new anime series. As announced by Netflix, the manga-turned-series (turned live-action series) will have another iteration of its story released: The One Piece, a series produced by WIT Studio in collaboration with Netflix.


One Piece as a manga started in 1997, with over a hundred volumes and over a thousand chapters as of late. The anime series, which first aired in 1999, crossed the 1000th episode threshold in 2021. One Piece, the live-action series, premiered on Netflix in August 2023. In celebration of the franchise’s 25 years in culture, a remake of the classic anime will be produced by WIT Studios, the same studio behind the anime adaptations of Spy X Family and Attack on Titan Season 1-3.


Following its predecessors, The One Piece will chronicle the journey of Monkey D. Luffy, an aspiring pirate who sets sail with his Straw Hats crew in search of the mysterious One Piece treasure. He gets the ability to manipulate his body like rubber after eating a mysterious, magical Devil Fruit and uses the ability to fight enemies that try to stop him from achieving his ultimate goals. He also befriends people along the way in his journey.

The live-action One Piece series follows the same storyline, and was a huge hit. Starring Iñaki Godoy as Luffy, One Piece was recently renewed for a season 2, which will arrive on Netflix in the coming year or the next. In the meantime, the 21st season of the OG anime titled Egghead will air on January 24.

Currently in production, The One Piece will be reinterpreted and made fresh by an all-new animation team and focus on the East Blue saga, the introductory storyline of One Piece. It is in this saga or chapter where Luffy is introduced and he meets his ragtag crew of the Straw Hat Pirates. Fans are already hyped for a reinvented, revamped, more digestible anime that will build on the classic franchise and get new fans to check out the story. While there’s no release date yet, it looks like people are seated and ready to set sail with Luffy and the Straw Hats once more.

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