OMG! These Dream Maker Finalists Just Signed With MLD Entertainment

It's not the end for these dream chasers.

From chasing their dreams to making them a reality, these former Dream Maker contestants’ journey to becoming the next global pop group continues.

When Dream Maker came to a close earlier this year, there was no denying that many of the Dream Chasers who didn’t make the final lineup had the potential to make it far. And for Thad Sune, Wilson Budoy, Jom Aceron, Josh Labing-isa, and Macky Tuason, the journey to fulfilling their dreams is just beginning. Despite not being crowned as winners of the show, the raw talent and unwavering passion of these finalists are undeniable. Fans and supporters alike will be delighted to know that these former contestants are about to embark on a monumental chapter in their career, bringing them one step closer to achieving their aspirations.

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It’s not to be denied that the boy group survival show Dream Maker by ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment has produced some high-caliber talents in Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston, now collectively known as HORI7ON. While still in their pre-debut era, Pinoy stans couldn’t help but be proud of how far they’ve come in just a short amount of time, already releasing two hits (Dash, Salamat) and touring the country, proving their skill and appeal.

And now it seems that we all should be gearing up for another proudly Pinoy boy group who’s taking on the global stage as MLD Entertainment has just released a special announcement. In a series of tweets last weekend, the South Korean media giant, which is home to the girl group Lapillus, revealed that the former dream chasers and finalists Thad, Wilson, Jom, Josh, and Macky signed an exclusive deal with the music label. 

Dream Maker finalists Thad, Wilson, Jom, Josh L., and Macky

“After the successful completion of the Korean-Philippines joint audition program ‘Dream Maker’, Thad, Wilson, Jom, Josh L., and Macky who were active as “dream chasers” concluded their exclusive contract with MLD Entertainment,” says the South Korean company in a press release. The exciting news continues as MLD Entertainment also announced that the boys will be focusing on “training and preparing” for their debut album. And when can we expect to hear their music? MLD Entertainment aims to launch the five-member group this year.

It’s incredible to think that two all-Filipino global pop groups are debuting in the same year, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Thad, Wilson, Jom, Josh L., and Macky as they journey on with their Dream Maker brothers, HORI7ON. MLD Entertainment encourages everyone to show their support for these talented individuals, and we’re sure that Pinoy stans will be cheering them on with all their hearts. Aja!

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