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VOTE: K-Council K-Series Nominees

Pick your fave nominee/s.

After two weeks, we finally have our finalists for NYLON Manila’s first ever K-Council. When we set out to form the K-Council, we wanted the fans to be front and center, which is why not only did we open auditions to everyone, but you, the fans, will also be the ones to pick who you think is deserving of being part of the K-Council. Who do you feel is worthy of being part of the K-series category of the council? Which video impressed you the most? Vote for your pick at the poll below.

To watch the nominees video, which we absolutely loved watching, all you have to do is press on their name and open the link to their TikTok video in a new tab if you’re on mobile. If you’re on desktop, right click on the nominee’s name and open the link in a new tab. Voting ends on MARCH 11, 11:59 PM PH Time.


  1. Unlimited votes will be accepted up until March 11, 2022 at 11:59PM.
  2. Only FIVE candidates with the most votes shall be chosen as K-Council members per K-tegory. As there are three K-tegories (K-Pop, K-Series, and K-Style), there shall be no more than 15 K-Council members by the end of the voting period.
  3. In case of a repeat win across K-tegories, the winning member shall be a K-Council member in the K-tegory where they have most votes. The opening in the K-tegory where the candidate has gathered lesser votes will then be given to the individual with the next highest number of votes.
  4. As the goal for the K-Council is to be a group of expert fans selected by fans themselves, vote-buying of any kind is discouraged as it defeats the purpose of the K-Council and the goal of unifying the K-Community through their wholehearted preferences.
  5. The NYLON Manila team will have an auditor review all votes and take action on any anomalous votes (ie: spam, bots, etc).
  6. The K-Council members shall have the privilege of electing nominees for the upcoming K-Faves event, as well as the opportunity to share K-Content on a bigger platform via NYLON’s TikTok account.




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