NYLON Manila Picks: Our Fave Media Of February 2024

They live rent-free in our mind.

From Doctor Slump, Justin De Dios’ Surreal music video, and more, here is the entertainment that got us through February 2024.

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Whether it be for coverage or our own personal enjoyment, consuming media and entertainment is one of our favorite pastimes. From movies, TV shows, music videos, and beyond, the amount of things to watch is never lacking. And as we welcome a new month and say goodbye to February, we take a stroll down memory lane of the media we couldn’t get enough of in February. Some were just newly released, while others have been out for a while now. But all these titles share in the fact that they were our top watches of the month. Scroll down for our fave media picks.

A Sign of Affection/Yubisaki to Renren – Maggie Batacan, Editor-in-Chief

It’s a romance anime where the protagonist is a deaf girl in college and she meets a well-traveled boy and they are instantly fascinated by each other. It’s a rare romance where there isn’t a slow burn – the characters like each other right away and it’s clear and the series is just them being adorable together. Also, the conflicts caused by misunderstandings are basically cleared up right away. The series is still ongoing and is an adaptation of a manga which I believe is also ongoing

Dune: Part Two – Rafael Bautista, Managing Editor 

The continuation of Paul Atreides’ journey from outsider hero to dreaded messiah is an expansive tale that shines as a top-tier sci-fi movie few others can match. With an engaging story fit for both casuals and fans of the books, strong acting, and a commanding visual style you need to see on the biggest screen you can, Dune: Part Two is a revelation that may spell bad times for the Dune universe, but welcome cheers for moviegoers. The best movie of 2024 so far? You bet.

Upgraded – Elyse Ilagan, Jr. Brand Manager

Upgraded is the literal definition of “I’m just a girl” personified. It’s every daydreaming girl’s manifestations for themselves. I was able to relate to her struggles a lot, now all I need is a degree in art history and a London boy in an airport meet-cute to sweep me off my feet. 

Doctor Slump – Elyse Ilagan, Jr. Brand Manager

As a fan of Park Hyungsik, I enjoyed how likable his character was in the show. But more than that, the show touches on topics such as mental health, career burnout, and finding love. Some episodes really bring comfort and I always look forward to every weekend for new episodes.

Love At First Sight – Nica Glorioso, Features Writer 

I’m a sucker for a good old cheesy rom-com, and this one is one of my recent favorites! It has charming performances, a unique, quirky ambiance, and great chemistry between the leads. Give Ben Hardy more rom-com roles, please!

My Demon – Precy Tan, Beauty Writer

Let’s start with the undeniable VISUAL of Song Kang and Kim Yoo-Jung as a couple—absolute perfection, served and slayed. Now, the plotline, a refreshing departure from the typical K-Drama fare, prompts reflection on the lengths people can go to for something superficial.

Justin De Dios’ Surreal Music Video – Gelo Quijencio, Multimedia Artist 

As someone who finds nature a safe space and a breather, it’s refreshing to see the visuals of the MV besides its touching messaging— a breath of fresh air.

EXchange Season 3 – Shane Sy, Social Media Associate 

This Korean dating reality show follows a group of ex-lovers living together for three weeks, figuring out whether they want to rekindle or date other people. And TBH, I’m simply here because of the drama.  

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