K-Obsessed? NYLON Manila Is Looking For Fans To Be Part Of Its First-Ever K-Council

Here's your opportunity to be part of this fan gathering.

Knowledgeable with all things K-pop, K-series, or K-style? NYLON Manila is on the search to find the best K-fans to be part of the K-council.

Here at NYLON Manila, we are always on the lookout for new ways to celebrate Gen Z pop culture. And undeniably, the Hallyu Wave has made an influential mark on the generation, especially for Filipinos. Whether in social media or in real life, you would be hard pressed to find at least one person talk about, listen, watch, or consume anything K-related. We here also love our share of K-pop, K-dramas, and everything in between.

And it’s clear that the fans have been one of the major factors as to why all of these have been making its mark on the global stage. The fans are at the center of it all, and rightly so. This is why when we decided to celebrate all things that Filipino Gen Z love about K pop culture, it was only right that it would be through the fans and community. So, for the first time ever, we are launching the NYLON Manila K-Council and you, yes YOU, can be part of it. Here’s how:


First things first, the K-Council will be NYLON Manila’s go-to group of super K-fans who love K-pop, K-series, and K-style. The council will be made up entirely of fans, because who else knows these things better than the fans, right? The K-Council will be composed of 15 members, which will be split into three categories with five members each, K-pop, K-series, and K-style. The council, in essence, is a gathering of the fans to celebrate what they love.


If you’re interested in joining, know that there are no limits based on age, gender, or location. As long as you love or are knowledgeable in the said categories, then go for it. To audition, you first need to upload a TikTok video explaining why you should be chosen as a member of the K-Council. The video should be no longer than a minute, but feel free to add things to it to make your video stand out. You may upload one video per category: K-pop, K-series, K-style.

Make sure to tag NYLON Manila in the video and include #NYLONManilaKCouncil and #KCouncil[category] (e.g. #KCouncilPop, #KCouncilSeries) in the caption. Deadline for entries will be on Sunday, March 6, 11:59 PM PH time. After that, the winners will be chosen via public voting from March 7-11.


Aside from having bragging rights, the K-Council holds some important responsibilities. Firstly, the chosen 15 members will meet up to discuss and choose the actual nominees for NYLON Manila’s upcoming K-Faves celebration, which, as the name suggests, is a coming together of the things we love about K pop culture. Second, K-Council members will appear in videos and other materials for NYLON Manila as they serve as NYLON’s ambassadors of sorts to the K-world. And the best part is that the fans chosen to be part of the K-Council will receive exclusive prizes. So, if you feel that you have what it takes and want to experience all of this, upload that TikTok video.

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