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NYLON Manila Discovers: JMKO_Music

Catch the treasure that is JMKO on NYLON Manila Discovers!

Who doesn’t enjoy singing in duets? Introducing TikTok star, JMKO sings Treasure by Bruno Mars for NYLON Manila Discovers.

A Filipino musician who popularized popcorn duets on TikTok, JMKO is now considered as one of Tiktok’s most-followed, fast-rising Filipino artists. As of this writing, he has over 2.1 million followers and 26.4 million likes.

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Popcorn duets are a series of TikTok duets, featuring two singers that each take turns singing every other word or every other syllable in a set of lyrics. This trend was started by TikTok user, @stupidsri, which JMKO_Music credited when he uploaded his own variation of Love Story by Taylor Swift.

With JMKO’s undeniable talent in singing, he reached over 1.7 million likes in just 18 days of posting his popcorn duet, with many other TikTokers following the trend after.

Aside from uploading popcorn duets and covers, JMKO actually makes his own music, which you can stream here.

Be sure to check out JMKO_Music’s cover of Treasure by Bruno Mars on our official YouTube channel and subscribe to stay updated on who will be on the next NYLON Manila Discovers!