NYLON Manila Discovers: Jeshorun Covers Ariana Grande’s Into You And The Resemblance Is Striking

Oh baby, look what she started. Her TikTok is rising!

On the pilot episode of NYLON Manila Discovers, Dane Jeshorun Aguirre covers Ariana Grande’s hit song, Into You.

Dane Aguirre, also known as Jeshorun or the Tagalog-speaking Cat Valentine, is embracing her alt-persona as Ariana Grande’s Filipino look-alike.

Amassing 4 million likes for her TikTok videos impersonating the Hollywood pop star, and gaining 327 thousand followers on the app, you’ll be sure to see a lot more of her on your FYP.

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Besides impersonating Ariana Grande or Cat Valentine from Nickelodeon’s Victorious, Dane is actually a musician with four songs available on Spotify. You’ll be surprised with the range she has to offer beyond the realms of TikTok.

There’s more to Dane than meets the eye, so be sure to come back to this page for an exclusive interview with the rising star. And don’t forget to subscribe to NYLON Manila’s YouTube channel to discover more amazing talents weekly.