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Great Expectations: Harvey Bautista On Welcoming Pressure And Constant Evolution

Zooming to success.

Harvey Bautista is on the rise as one of Gen Z’s up-and-coming leading men. But he’s not taking anything for granted.

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He says the words “nepo baby” first. Not with a hint of contempt nor an air of dismissiveness, but with a refreshing awareness reserved for the most introspective. 

Harvey Bautista is a familiar face in more ways than one. The son of former Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista had a years-long stint in sketch comedy series Goin’ Bulilit from 2011 to 2016, and has acted in ABS-CBN anthologies Maaalala Mo Kaya and Wansapanataym. In 2022, he also had roles in the movie Blue Room and an episode of Dear God, where he acted toe-to-toe with Piolo Pascual.

harvey bautista zoomers high street criza taa nepo baby

He has a name and a track record he will carry with him throughout his career. But the 20-year old doesn’t shy away from his family name and his history as a child actor, acknowledging them as inherent parts of his life.

“Isipin mo,” he recounts, relaxed on his patio on a sunny Thursday afternoon. “This tiny, chinito, Englishero nepo baby in auditions for Goin’ Bulilit na hindi nagta-Tagalog—nakapasok out of nowhere.” The casual self-awareness was jarring, knowing how other “nepotism babies” have reacted to being called one, but very welcome. Clearly, this wasn’t someone who was afraid of owning who he was.

harvey bautista zoomers high street criza taa nepo baby

“It’s difficult,” he says of the balancing act that is being a child actor. “But you’re never gonna get an experience like that anywhere else.”

Child actors have it easier in terms of pressure, he explains, in that they’re not expected to perform at the level of veterans and more seasoned professionals. “Cute ka pa eh,” he laughs. “But now, it’s different. Siyempre may expectation na yung mga tao sa’yo. There’s all this pressure and this expectation to deliver. Pero it’s fun! I welcome it.”


harvey bautista zoomers high street criza taa nepo baby

While there has been very little complaint, if at all, about Harvey being a “nepo baby” (at least, in the larger public discourse), there’s no denying privilege is an intrinsic aspect of his career, despite it not being his own fault. Even something as simple as the support his family has always bestowed upon him, how they encourage him and keep him grounded—it’s a privilege not everyone is afforded.

But talent speaks for itself. And perhaps the very format of Zoomers (2024), which essentially became Harvey’s re-introduction to the world as a young adult actor, had a hand in showcasing why he deserves to be where he is now (Zoomers is available to watch on YouTube).

“It was really an opportunity I didn’t want to lose,” Harvey shares. “Kasi ang tagal ko na rin siyang hinihintay.” He had a feeling Zoomers was going to be something new, something different.

“I feel like isang problem ko as a Gen Z is having to deal with how people perceive me,” he candidly said in his audition for Zoomers. “Siyempre, baka alam nila yung career ko, baka kilala nila ako through my dad Herbert Bautista.” 

While people in the showbiz industry have different forms of privilege that have given them the chance to be where they are now, what matters more is what one does with the privilege they are afforded. Will you stay stagnant and complacent knowing that you’ll always have a safety net of wealth and connections you can fall back on? Or will you pursue something with all you’ve got because you know it’s your purpose in life? 

Harvey seems to be choosing the second—always pushing, honing his craft, actively striving to use the pressure to constantly evolve from one project to another. “Kada project kasi, dapat may improvement yan. Dito sa next project na ‘to, I need to do better than the last one.”


If anything, there’s no doubt the young artist loved what he did. He’s been doing it for more than half his life. For Harvey, acting, filmmaking—that’s it for him. It’s what he wants to do, and it’s what he loves to do, if his enthusiasm is any indication. Answering questions regarding where his passion lies is as easy to him as laughing. 

But if there was ever a moment he was drawn to a different path, it would have been the moment he finished high school. At that point in his life, there was the option to pursue culinary school. “I love to cook,” he shares. “But it wasn’t really like a switch from filmmaking to culinary—if filmmaking didn’t work out, at least I would have that to fall back on.”


harvey bautista zoomers senior high street criza taa nepo baby jiggs

Harvey has kept a relatively low profile since his Goin’ Bulilit days, but has continuously worked on his own craft and filmmaking. He’s taken on roles here and there, but Zoomers propelled him to new heights of fame and virality.

The actor’s already slated to appear in more projects with Zoomers co-star and screen partner Criza Taa. The two earned praise for their individual talent and their chemistry together, which is easily a highlight of the teen series, so there’s no wonder why they’re paired up for more projects. One of which, he shares, is Deadline, an upcoming slasher horror film about a group of teenagers who need to survive. 

Harvey will also reprise his role as Jiggs on the upcoming second season of Zoomers, and is currently part of the new series High Street, which is the sequel to the youth-oriented thriller drama Senior High (2023-2024).

Young, driven, and armed with experience and an awareness that keeps him grounded, Harvey Bautista has a long road ahead. But challenges are nothing new to him, and this is only the beginning of a new chapter in his life and career. He carries everything with a calm grace, adapting and learning as he grows, eager to make the most of it. 

Get to know more about Harvey in our quickfire Q&A with the young actor below.

Would you rather have a voice crack mid-song or accidentally spill something on a high-profile co-star?

Voice crack, 100%. 

What’s one thing that you always carry with you on set?

My script.

Describe your fashion sense in 3 words.

Dark, comfortable, and…suits.

Favorite city in the world?

Quezon City! (He said LA first.) I love QC! QC’s the best.

Your most played song at the moment?

Probably my most played song at the moment: You Don’t Go To Parties by 5 Seconds of Summer.

Your go-to karaoke song?

Kiss From A Rose – Seal.

An actor or actress you would love to work with?

Kuya Carlo Aquino.

Favorite instrument to play?

Either drums or guitar—no, drums. I’ll say drums.

All-time favorite movie?

The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014). Yun yung pinaka-unang artsy-fartsy movie na napanuod ko.

All time favorite TV show?

Probably Doctor Who or Supernatural. Yeah, I’m one of those people!

Any advice for aspiring artists out there?

Courage lang. Courage and grit. You really need grit. You also need confidence sa sarili mo. And…sobrang corny, sobrang cliche, but you really need to believe in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, hindi mo magagawang 100% yung ginagawa mo.

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