It’s Time To Level Up With The Return Of NYLON Manila’s Big Bold Brave Awards

Welcome to the arcade.

On its 4th edition, the Big Bold Brave Awards takes it to the next level with recognitions for the movers, trendsetters, and barrier-breakers of the past year.

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For the past three years, we have continuously strived to champion the best of the new generation, from the newsmakers to those on the peripheries ready for their big moment. And one of the biggest ways we have done so is through our Big Bold Brave Awards. Our grandest event of the year was created to hero and honor the biggest, boldest, and bravest in Filipino pop culture, fashion, beauty, youth, and so much more. At the heart of it all is that it is sourced from what the audience is really talking about and decided by the people who matter the most—you. 

Every year, we work to make the awards bigger and better, with last year’s edition being our biggest yet. So, this year, it’s only right we power up with the announcement of this year’s awards in Big Bold Brave Awards: Next Level.


Taking on the theme of arcade, we take things retro this year as we highlight and champion the different levels and worlds of the Filipino youth and the heroes who inhabit them. These are the protagonists who proved that what they have to offer in their field is legendary tier. Their experience points remain unmatched.  


As with awards past, we will be nominating names, faces, moments, brands, and more across a wide swath of categories, with the winners being determined by the fans voting for their chosen nominee on the NYLON Manila website. And yes, we made sure to get that update in for an improved experience to make for a fun, seamless, and fair voting. 

But doing things the same as before isn’t the MO for us. So, this year, Big Bold Brave Awards: Next Level goes extra special with how voting will go. Unlike before when all the polls and voting would be done in a single month, we will be spacing the voting across every month from January until May. 


Every month beginning this January, we will be dropping a batch of polls on our website that fans can vote on for a select period of time. Once a new month rolls around, a new set of polls will drop. This will continue until we reach the final set of polls in May, which will then culminate with a special in-person awards night party, where all the winners will be announced and celebrated alongside their fellow nominees. Think of it as going through different levels in a campaign until you reach the final level. 

So, are your quarters ready for the arcade cabinets? More than a hundred nominees across our biggest selection of categories to date will be spread out across the coming months, and we can’t wait for you to join us in this Big Bold Brave arcade. Keep an eye out for NYLON Manila’s socials as we will be launching batch one of the polls very soon, along with the other polls in the coming months. As always, voting can only be done through the official polls found on NYLON Manila’s website.

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