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Niana Guerrero Finally Met Her Twin, AKA Deanna Wong

They really do look alike.

The two young icons have finally met IRL and let’s just say, we’ll be needing more Niana Guerrero and Deanna Wong content in the future.

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One is a social media star with millions of fans around the world. The other is an award winning pro-volleyball player and one of the most popular players in her sport. While at first glance, Niana Guerrero and Deanna Wong may have little in common, the two actually have many things they can relate to. It’s been a joke on the internet that the two look alike and tbh, we see it. Even how their names are pronounced sound similar. And both are also extremely talented in their respective fields. The two have actually interacted with each other online, but their fans have been begging for Niana and Deanna to finally link up in person, and that time has come.


In Niana’s latest vlog on her YouTube channel, she and Deanna finally met and the two emersed themselves in each other’s fields.

How the two met in person is actually pretty funny as Niana’s brother, Ranz Kyle, surprised Niana with her. It was a prank that Niana didn’t see coming. They even played on the fact that the two look alike when Deanna visited their home and pretended to be part of the family.


Deanna first taught Niana how to play volleyball while dressed in appropriate sports attire from Deanna’s alma matter, Ateneo. They were even joined by Deanna’s teammate in Choco Mucho, Nicole Ebuen. After their training session, they then proceeded to play a game of volleyball with team Niana versus team Deanna that included players like Niana’s sister, Chelseah. And this wouldn’t be a Niana Guerrero video if there weren’t any fun consequences as the losing team had to eat spicy noodles. Even though Niana isn’t known to be an athletic individual, she gave it her all, which made for an exciting and thrilling game that came down to the wire.

Afterwards, it was Niana’s turn to teach Deanna something new. In their dance studio, Niana taught Denna the chore of their song, Mayo Slide. If you’re feeling bitin with Deanna’s dance moves, then we suggest you check out Niana’s TikTok account as she’s posted a couple of videos with Deanna that are a must-see for any fan. Hopefully the two can meet up again because we’re here for this friendship.

Check out the video below to see who won the game, how Deanna did in her dance class, as well as the sweet surprise Niana had for Deanna at the end of the video.

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