5 Easy-To-Learn Hobbies For You To Try This 2021

If you're looking for a sign to start a new hobby, this is it. Do it.

The start of the year seems like the best time to find a sense of purpose and motivation. However, being productive doesn’t have to be exclusively for work and school.

Excitement aside, some people even find starting new hobbies therapeutic and relaxing, thus finally having something to look forward to in their free time. So, take this as a sign to pursue a creative hobby that suits your interests best.

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With information readily available on social media, picking up a new skill is easier than ever before. You can learn tips from professionals on every platform. From TikTok, Instagram, YouTube—the possibilities are endless through these apps. Here are five easy-to-learn hobbies that you can consider.


The first step if you want to learn pottery is taking a class for beginners. Doing your own research may be intimidating at first because there are so many types of pottery and you might end up overwhelmed with information. So, it’s best to have guidance from someone who knows what they’re talking about. Pottery Sessions on Instagram hosts online workshops and provides a pottery starter kit for those who want to learn the basics. Give them a follow to stay updated for their next online session.


This hobby is perfect for those who miss the rush of adrenaline and movement, simply going outside or playing a sport. Luckily, there’s an abundance of YouTube tutorials on how to learn to rollerskate, even for ages six and up. But there’s no way easier to learn than trying it yourself. Purchase a starter quad skates from a trusted online shop and join forums and groups for roller-skaters to get tips, tricks, and find friends with a similar interest. To name one, Everywhere We Skate PH is a Facebook community for those interested in rollerskating. The group has a lot of helpful information, especially for beginners and those who want to join pasabuys for international gears.


Here’s to the ones who have enough patience to knit, sew, and actually finish it. If you’re interested in fashion, then at some point you’ve seen crocheted sweaters and tops on your radar. Whether it’s on your Instagram feed or FYP, the calling is right there. To start crocheting, all you need are three things: a crochet hook, yarn, and scissors. Once you’ve got your basic tools sorted, you can start learning stitches. Don’t get frustrated at the first few loops though. Remember, practice makes perfect, and before you know it, you’ll be knitting your own Harry Styles sweater like a pro.


Have you ever been curious about the abundance of quarantine plantitos and plantitas? Join the club and take care of your own plants to see what the rave is all about for yourself. With many benefits, plants have been shown to reduce psychological and physiological stress. Plus, it makes your space a little more lively with all the greenery. For starters, take care of low maintenance plants like snake plants or aloe vera and get them at online shops like Top Cut Plant Philippines. There’s no better feeling than seeing your plants living and thriving under your care.


Feeling nostalgic? Using a film camera to document your simple joys and day-to-day wonders is actually quite satisfying. There’s just this sense of connection to the good ol’ days when you manually wind your camera to take a picture. When everything else in the world is so tech-savvy and instant, the anticipation of using up all your film then seeing the beautifully developed photos after a few days is a rewarding feeling. You can start this hobby by using a disposable camera which you can purchase on online shops like Lazada and Shopee. When you’ve used up all the films, there are services like Sunny16Lab that will develop your film for you.