These New Generation Musicians Want You To Create Your Next

Alexa, please play the soundtrack of our lives.

Inspired by music and the energy of the youth, these electric assemblage of musicians are helping pave the way for the future of Filipino sound.

When it comes to striking and searing sentiments in life, as well of the memories that become of it, nothing is central to the context than music. Made for everyone to hear, feel, and enjoy, it is at its core, a very personal experience. While it does mean something different to people, the greater and grander magic happens when these circumstances when two or more are gathered in a name. The message then becomes clear: You have to really listen.

And in this conversation of creation, this is what Converse sought out to do. From the coming together of its assemblage of All Stars to the larger community it called to a night to remember, the champion of diversity and inclusivity asserted that each individual voice deserves a space to soar. Heck, no amount of rain or end of the week traffic could stop the creative spirit from trooping to Kondwi in Poblacion where the heritage brand built a world where music, dance, and conversations converged into the an experience that compelled guests to create next, whatever that meant for them. (Hint: This multi-sensorial pop-up could be heading to your city soon.)

Press Play

Centered on the now and next of music, the new generation of creators led by Converse All Stars Al James (rapper and songwriter), Hoest (DJ and music producer), Ysanygo (sibling duo), Kate Jagdon (DJ), and Timmy Albert (singer and songwriter) illustrated how the platform brought to life by the brand is electrifying and energizing the youth to not only celebrate, but elevate their creativity to make change on both the local and global scale.

By shining a light on these individuals, passion and purpose become more than words, but an action towards progress. After all, the mission of Converse since its inception has remained central: To be the canvas for future the youth wants to create. 

Despite being young, the artists making up the music campaign have some light bulb flicking insights that the rest of the world can learn a thing or two from. Grounded in the sole of Converse, as well as of the soul of their unique take on sound, listen to what the kids have to say, because it might just inspire you to make your move and create your next.

Al James

“Gusto mo lang iparamdam sa listeners ko ‘yung tulad ng napapatamdam sa akin ng music na ‘di lang ako na-entertain, kundi na-inspire din.”


“Being a DJ is more than just entertainment.

It’s a job that requires connections to the crowd. Seeing them dance to the beat of my music is the best part.”


“Music is universal…Universal in a sense that it does not only cater to one person or grup, but everybody…It transcends time.”

Kate Jagdon

“We are all born stars. What you need to is believe in yourself. Keep on going, work hard to showcase your talent, and be who you are. Show off to the world what you can do.”

Timmy Albert

“It’s really challenging to always remember that I can always inspire. I try to remember that when I make music.”