Sleigh Those Nails: 13 Nail Ideas That Will Complete Your Christmas OOTD

It's time for a merry manicure!

Let your nails be the star accessory that adds that final touch of merry magic to your festive ensemble.

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Some people celebrate the holidays by binge-watching in their Christmas PJs while some crawl from one party after another. Before the clock strikes 12, no matter how you spend the day, we can all agree on one thing: sleighing a stunning set of Christmas nails is the easiest and chicest way to feel festive during the holiday season.

While you’re busy planning the perfect outfit, whether it’s a onesie or a Christmas cocktail dress, don’t forget about the little details that can make a big impact. This year, let your nails be the star of the show with these thirteen nail ideas that will complement and complete your Christmas OOTD.

Bloody Holiday

Alright, let’s skip the candy canes and get straight to the good stuff. Dive into the depths of deep burgundy or blood-red nails – it’s like a horror movie for your fingertips, but in the most Christmas-y way possible. Add that matte finish or sprinkle some dark splatter effects for a mysterious touch and totally haunting holiday. It’s the perfect rebellion against the sea of sparkly reds.

Candy Cane Stripes

Time to nail that candy cane realness. Paint those red and white stripes on your nails for a look that’s as sweet as sugar and twice as festive. Warning: may cause spontaneous cravings for peppermint treats.

Holy Holiday

Who says peace and purity can’t be stylish? Capture the serene essence of the season with a holy holiday set infused with ethereal gold and angelic themes. You’ll feel as if heaven rests at your fingertips, resonating with the celestial artistry that embodies the spirit of the season.

Mistletoe Green

Time to sleigh with the holiday spirit by giving those lush, deep green nails a go. Throw in some sparkle or paint on a cute mistletoe design for that extra charm—totally nailing it, and who knows, maybe scoring a kiss too.

Mr. Snowman?

In the chaos of Christmas manicures, let’s not overlook the timelessness of white. While everyone’s diving into the reds, greens, and sparkles, serving those white nails adds a touch of sophistication and adaptability to your festive flair. Think of it as your sleek weapon amidst the holiday glitterati. Trust me, it’s the understated choice that screams elegance in a room full of sparkle.

New Year Glitz and Glamour

Look ahead to the New Year with nails that celebrate the countdown. We’re talking stars, sparkles, and bold color combinations, rolled into one fabulous maximalist manicure. Get ready to ring in the festivities like never before – because why would you settle for anything less than a nail party to welcome 2024? It’s time to let those fingertips shine their way into the ball drop.

Paint the Town… Pink

Move over, Doja Cat; we’re painting the town pink this Christmas. Picture this: soft pink blending with glitzy gold, creating an amazing masterpiece on those tiny canvases. Whether you’re into that gentle base with gold foil or flaunting those gold tips, your nails are all set to scream sophistication. It’s like your fingertips are strutting down the red carpet this holiday season.

Rocking Red and Gold

Red and gold is like the OG color combo that’s always on point. Try out deep red nails with those popping accents, or rock that gold glitter on a bold red base for that extra luxe and totally festive feel.

Red Ribbon

Let’s wrap those nails with a bow – literally. Get into the holiday groove with red nails decked out in dainty ribbon rolls. Whether you’re into a glossy finish or those adorable accents, it’s all about dialing up the playfulness in your Christmas mani. Trust us, nothing says ‘gift-ready glam’ like nails that are styled to sleigh.

Santa’s Little Helpers

Get ready to become one of Santa’s Little Helpers this season by showcasing your artistic flair right on your fingertips. Whether it’s Santa, Rudolph, or those adorable elves, painting these holiday characters onto your nails is an absolute must-do. It’s not just about the nails; it’s a guaranteed way to spread that contagious cheer wherever you go!

Silver Sheen

Step into the future while keeping it festive. Whether it’s a mirror-like finish or a sprinkle of shimmering accents, it’s all about nailing that modern mani.

Summer in December

Who says December can’t bring the realness of a summer paradise right to your fingertips? Shake off the wintry chill with tropical color combinations that scream sunny. We’re talking sunset hues and ocean blues to create a manicure that transports you straight to a warm summer. Embrace those tones and let your nails become the canvas for a tropical escape even in the midst of Christmas.

Winter Wonderland Blues

Get those icy blue hues for top-tier winter feels. Sprinkle in some snowflake designs or a hint of silver glitter to nail that enchanting snowy night look. It’s like bringing the winter wonderland straight to your fingertips. 

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