From Fruits to Flowers, We’re Obsessing Over These November Nail Trends

Your claws are ready for the month.

Swipe through these November nail trends, find the design that speaks to you, and book that nail appointment.

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After a long summer, back-to-school season, and some spooky Halloween, November is suddenly upon us. While these days serve as built-in countdowns for Christmas, let’s take this moment and look into November nail trends before diving deep into winter wonderland-themed manicures.

From pretty floral arrangements to playful fruit-inspired patterns, these trends are all about capturing the cozy feels. It’s the perfect excuse to flex your creative muscles through your fingertips. So, swipe through our curated trends, find the one that speaks to you, and head over to your favorite nail tech.

Charming Coquette

The coquette aesthetic has been making waves on TikTok in more ways than one, and coquette nails are the latest charm that’s taking over our feeds. On the beauty front, there have been lots of powdery makeup looks, pretty pinks, and ribbon rolls, but the easiest way to embrace this super-sweet trend is with a set of coquette nails. Of course, pink plays a big role, but chromes, purples, and baby blues also fit the bill. It’s all about the charms you’ll add to the set.

Cyber Core

Take a plunge into the future with the cutting-edge trend of Cyber Core nails. If you closely look at this creation by Nails by K MNL, you’ll see how this trend is redefining modern manicures with metallic accents and a generous amount of silver. Now, let your fingertips lead the way in making a statement with sleek, high-shine surfaces and geometric patterns.

Fairy Fantasy

November’s nail scene is graced by these ethereal designs, where whimsical butterflies, fairy wings, flowers, and a good dose of glitter come together to create a manicure straight out of a fairytale. As the days grow shorter and winter whispers its arrival, Fairy Fantasy nails bring a touch of magic and wonder to our fingertips. Nail artists are embracing the fantastical with intricate details, allowing each nail to tell a story of its own. Like, look at this creation by Nails by Lyka.

Fall into Florals

Why splurge on fleeting floral arrangements when acrylics last longer? The trend of acrylic florals began when golden sunsets transformed into something greener, and they’re here to stay. Much like the variety of flowers, there are various applications for this trend. With nail gel, dried petals, or other creative methods, everybody is recreating it in different forms. A personal favorite is this polygel set by Reel Nailz.

Fruits Served on Fine China

While November nail trends revolve around fruits, nail artists like Nailee PH have moved past the watermelon nail art of 2013 and taken the extra mile by adding gel to make them look realistic. Speaking of going the extra mile, this nail artist has even served citrus on fine china. Who knew that the freshness of fruits combined with the sophistication of porcelain would look so stylish?

Good Grapes

Given that fruits are stealing the spotlight in nail trends, why not throw in some good grapes for something both sweet and stylish? Think deep purples and luscious tones that will take your nails to the next level. Nail artists like Fancy Nails by AJ are taking the grape trend beyond the vine, experimenting with various designs and techniques to make your nails pop.

Chunky and a Little Funky

When it comes to nailing timeless trends, ask a Gen Z girlie, and they’ll spill the tea on how chunky and funky manicures are always the go-to. No matter the season, these colorful canvases, flaunting mismatched designs, will consistently stand out. So, if you’re looking to let your nails do the talking, this trend should be the next thing you send to your nail tech. While you’re at it, why not try the lipstick shape as seen on Clawphoria Nail Studio?

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