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Sizzle! Nadine Lustre Joins The Ginger Girl Gang With Jennie Kim And Kendall Jenner

Kim Possible? Jennie Kim? Kendall Jenner? Yes to all.

Nadine recently debuted her new ginger hair and it’s hot, hot, hot.

Red hair is still having its much-needed air time, and the latest recruit? Nadine Lustre. On her recent Instagram stories, she debuted her new ‘do, now in a copper orange shade that looks oh so flattering, especially on morenas, deeper skin tones, and those with a fair complexion. Joining the likes of Jennie Kim and Kendall Jenner who recently switched from brunette to ginger real quick, all we can say is, it’s probably an It-girl thing. ?

nadine lustre hair ginger

It’s been a while since Nadine Lustre dyed her hair, the last being her ash blonde phase back in 2017 or that time when she went full on platinum for her NYLON Manila cover. Her hair stylist, Paul Nebres, spilled some secrets on the magician behind the gorgeous hair color is, revealing that it was Junie Sierra from The BLOC.


The beauty of Nadine’s new hair color is that it takes less than two bleaches to achieve its light, copper shade. Actually, it reminds us of our favorite fictional red heads like Blossom and Miss Sara Bellum of The Powerpuff Girls, Kim Possible or Misty of Pokemon. Not to mention Calcifer Pendragon of Howl’s Moving Castle, *wink wink.* All of which are some of the fiercest heroes we’ve known. Needless to say, this the hair color of the moment, yes? Sizzle.

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