Nadine Lustre style

Which Nadine Lustre Style Era Fits You Best?

You just had to be there.

An ever-evolving style chameleon, Nadine Lustre has tried it all. From wearing jelly sandals during her early days to rocking those Prada monolith boots years later, which style era fits you best?

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Sheer ruched dress by<strong> JOB DACON<strong> Nails by <strong>ELINAILS MNL<strong>

Sweet Girl

Nadine Lustre Style

Sugar, spice, and everything nice. Before she became the edgy Nadine Lustre she is today, she was sweet as cotton candy. Skater skirts, mini dresses, and jelly sandals anyone?

Boho Chic and Grunge

Nadine Lustre Style

Do you remember the days when Tumblr took over? Always ahead of the curve, her love for crystals, gladiator sandals, chokers, and everything black was just a sign of things to come.

The Glamazon

nadine lustre

*(Cue Kid Cudi.) Now look at this. Yes girl, give us everything! This era was undoubtedly the moment she was getting more recognition as a style icon. Those red carpet looks? One of those dresses started it all. IYKYK ?

Sporty Spice

Nadine Lustre Style

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Miss Nadine Lustre over here was one of the first celebrities to make this trend popular in local mainstream culture. Bring in the baggy pants, the chunky sneakers, cropped tops, and a whole lot of 90s vibes.

God-tier Nadine Lustre

Nadine Lustre Style

Make way for the Wildest Dreams era. It’s Nadine Lustre’s world and we’re just living in it. Having more than 60+ looks for her visual album last year was no joke. Taking on the out-of-this-world, she transformed from a sea deity, a mountain goddess to an otherworldly female. Has she ultimately reached her final form? No one knows.

Photos from Instagram: nadine, nadinelustre_ootds

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Photography ED ENCLONA
Fashion, beauty direction and styling LYN ALUMNO
Fashion film videographer IAN FRANCISCO
BTS videographer FLOYD JHOCSON
Sittings editor ELYSE ILAGAN
Hairstyling PAUL NEBRES
Shoot coordination LOUIS ESGUERRA