nylon manila myzine pages personality type

What MyZine Pages Are Perfect For Your Personality? Find Out Here!

My personality, MyZine.

The NYLON Manila MyZine has pages for everyone, and you can find out which ones are perfect for you right here. Spoiler alert: you’re gonna want the whole thing.

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Got yourself a copy of the new NYLON Manila MyZine yet? No? Why not? If you’re wondering what’s in store for you or if the MyZine really is for you, wonder no longer, because we read you like a book and made each page perfect for everyone from all walks of life.

Whether you’re a journal girlie or a stan collector, a major planner or campus bestie, or just someone who wants to relive the nostalgia of magazines but wants some uniqueness in their life, the NYLON Manila MyZine has something for you—wherever you come from, whatever you do.

We put a twist on the classic magazine and made it a binder with print packs where you can create, collect, and customize your own MyZine however you want so it can reflect who you are. We may be trying to condense people into a few personality types, but anyone can totally make the MyZine your own, no matter how colorful and complex you are. But let’s have some fun as we try to figure out which personality type you are and which MyZine pages will match you perfectly. Find out below.


nylon manila myzine pages personality type

A big, bold, and brave binder for the big, bold, and brave planner. If you’re someone who likes things organized, we’ve got MyZine pages for you: a notes page, a budget tracker, essentials checklist, and more! If things get overwhelming, know these pages have your back. Sometimes all you need is your mind and a piece of paper to get your life back on track.


nylon manila myzine pages personality type

Do you have that friend that always makes your trips across campus take twice as long because they keep greeting people they know? Or are you that friend? Either way, the slambook and Barkada Bingo MyZine pages are perfect for the person that everyone is friends with. Exchange Slambook pages with your friends and keep them in your own binder, or play the Barkada Bingo together.


nylon manila myzine pages personality type

What, you think we forgot about you, the stan collector? The multi-hyphenate talent justin graces our very first MyZine, and we’ve got exclusive photos and interviews that’ll totally have you swooning. And if you stay tuned, more and more personalities that aren’t just serving in their photoshoots, but are people you can learn from, will be featured in these MyZine editorial pages. (By the way, we have a paper doll page where you can dress a paper doll justin up with some of his looks from the editorial!)


nylon manila myzine pages personality type

Are you frequently jetting off to places all over the Philippines or abroad? Do you enjoy that strange feeling of contentment whenever you’re in an airport? Are you the type to always be rearing to get to the next trip or the next adventure? The MyZine travel bucket list and summer essentials checklist will make sure you make the most of your future adventures. The budget tracker can also help you with your expenses for the trip!


nylon manila myzine pages personality type

For all the people out there with big dreams and big ambitions, the people that love to work on themselves (or would like to start), we support you all the way. If you’re looking for a way to make a visible representation of your daily mood, or make a concrete plan to make your manifestations come true, our mood tracker and manifestations pages can help you help yourself out.


nylon manila myzine pages personality type

And yes, of course, we have the classic magazine girlies’ back with the timeless and ever-so-classic art, story, and feature pages you can flip through. From interviews to opinion pieces, artistic images to photo layouts you can stick to your wall, we got all the charm of physical print media and put them into these MyZine pages (with more to come), the NYLON Manila way.

Get the whole MyZine now with the binder, all of these pages, and more on SariSari.shopping and shop.nylonmanila.com for PHP450!

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