Curate, Customize, Collect: Here’s How You Can Personalize Your NYLON Manila MyZine

Customize to your hearts content.

With the MyZine Binder and Print Packs, you get to customize to your heart’s content.

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Print is not dead—in fact, it’s thriving with a fresh twist! The NYLON Manila MyZine has finally dropped, and it’s far from your been-there-done-that magazines. With the MyZine Binder and Print Packs, you get to customize to your heart’s content.

Not only does it feature cover stars and stories like a traditional mag, but the binder is the real catch, housing content from NYLON Manila and your own additions. Ready to personalize your MyZine? Scroll through the ways you can make it truly yours—because your style deserves the spotlight!

Build Better Habits

Elevate your MyZine experience with this issue’s budget tracker to kickstart building better habits. Track your finances so you finally won’t have to wonder where your money is going. Don’t stop there—add your own trackers that align with your goals and aspirations.

Call (or Challenge) a Friend

Gather your friends for a creative session and tackle the worksheets together. Start with this issue’s Barkada Bingo followed by the summer must-haves checklist, or add your own worksheets. Share ideas, doodle side by side, and brainstorm ways to personalize your MyZine. The more, the merrier!

Manifest Moments

Transform your MyZine into a sanctuary for manifestation moments. Dive into gratitude journaling, answer the MyZine’s slambook, write down your hopes and dreams in dedicated pages we included in the Print Packs, or get inspired with fun writing prompts that ignite your creativity and self-reflection.

Pocket Pages 

Insert pocket pages into your binder to store small keepsakes and memories. Tuck in concert tickets, notes from friends, or souvenirs from your travels, creating a tangible collection of cherished moments that make your MyZine truly special.

Pop with Photocards

Whether you’re into P-Pop or K-Pop, slide your photocards into binder sleeves, arranging them to showcase your bias. Sprinkle on some fun with decorative touches like washi tape and stickers, making each page pop with personality. 

Stick and Collect

Start by flipping through your sticker collection and selecting ones that scream you. Then, carefully place them on the pages of your binder, creating a themed collage for your MyZine.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. The NYLON Manila MyZine was made to put YOU at the center. We give you the tools in the form of the MyZine Binder and Print Packs, you fill in the rest with how you want your story told. The possibilities are endless.

You can order your copy of the MyZine complete set that comes with the Binder and the Series 1 Print Packs now via and for 450 pesos.

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