12 Morenas You Can Look Up To For Beauty Inspo

Beyoncé raised them well.

These brown-skinned girls are doing what they have to do.

Ang ganda mo, kaya lang maitim,” and ”’wag ka magbabad sa araw, iitim ka lalo,” are just some of the unnecessary and downright cruel comments brown-skinned girls normally get. The worst part is that most Filipinas have been compelled to grow accustom to these micro aggressions.

But thanks to morenos and morenas like Bretman Rock, Mimiyuuuh, the conversation and stigma on our naturally toasty complexion has become more normalized. Below, we’ve rounded up 12 personalities who’ve taught us to embrace the skin that we’re in.

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Gabbi Garcia’s that pretty girl with the enviable complexion most people want to achieve. Her warm blush of choice in contrast with the actress’ natural color is our new go-to for that effortless look. Very recently, Gabbi was announced as LazBeauty’s ambassador, further emphasizing that more and more morena girls are taking up space in the beauty plane. As they should.


We love how MUPH hopeful Angelique Manto almost always has no makeup on. The honey blonde highlights emphasize her morena glow even more.


If anyone’s ever told you that pastel colors make brown skin look ”muddy” or ”ashy,” they’re lying. Content creator Marj Maroket always proves them wrong with her dainty, candy-colored eye makeup looks.


Our favorite motivational speaker just had to be in this list. Mimiyuuuh is the morena girl who’s always been unapologetic about her brown skin and we’re here for it.


The baddest of them all, it’s no secret that Bretman Rock grew to love himself and his Filipino roots even more over the years. That Hawaii glow will always hit different.


If anything, the Filipino-Aussie singer has taught young girls to be themselves no matter where they grew up in. Ylona keeping her poppin’ morena skin no matter where she goes is comforting.


Ayn Bernos is one of the first Filipina content creators who openly educates her audience about topics on colorism. It’s one of the reasons that pushed her to co-found local brands Morena the Label and Kayu Beauty


Voice talent and host Inka Magnaye always keeps it real on her platform. Just a few months ago, she even proudly showed her stretch marks and assured everyone that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.


Kate Valdez is one of the few actresses who keep their looks experimental not just with the makeup, but her curly hair as well. We stan.


Don’t let her quiet nature fool you. Kiana V makes sure that she shares an empowering self-love message to her fans through her music.


This model and ex-PBB housemate’s face card never declines. From her TikToks to her Instagram posts, Lou Yanong never misses.


Ever since she entered showbiz, Nadine was always bullied for her morena complexion. Thankfully, she doesn’t care enough to let it get to her and even clapped back at a basher who told her to bleach her skin.