All The Moments You Missed From Rex Orange County’s First Concert in Manila

BRB, still in my feels.

After the canceled tour in 2020, Rex Orange County finally had his much-awaited concert in Manila. Feeling FOMO? Here’s what went down.

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Whether or not you’re into Rex Orange County, chances are you’ve experienced LSS with fan-favorite tracks like The Shade, Best Friend, and the TikTok sensation Amazing. And ICYDK, the British multi-instrumentalist was was officially scheduled to perform in the Philippines back in 2020—then the pandemic hit. For three years, Filipino fans made several requests through social media for a Live in Asia Tour in the country. And those prayers were finally answered.

Along with the promised performances of Sunflower and Television / So Far So Good, the hype was real considering that his highly anticipated concert completely sold out as thousands packed the Smart Araneta Coliseum last Sunday. In case you’re feeling FOMO, here are all the moments you missed from Rex Orange County’s first concert in Manila.

From West Sydney, With Love

Fans were in for an extra special treat as a Filipino-Australian singer and songwriter from Western Sydney made a homecoming appearance as the opening act for Rex Orange County. As if we weren’t excited enough, the electric tracks of Grant Perez, which weave stories of love, lust, and coming of age, set the pitch-perfect tone for the main event. And when he performed Cherry Wine? The crowd went wild!

Rex Orange County Playing Fan-Favorite Tracks

While we already had an idea of Rex Orange County’s tracklist for the tour, we couldn’t help but fall in love again when he serenaded the crowd with Happiness and Loving is Easy. When we turn 81 and forget things, this feeling will always be one of those we’ll remember.

Filipino Fans Proving to ROC That We’re the Best Concert Crowd

We were lucky enough to give Rex Orange County some sunflowers, but a fan took it to the next level with a hand-drawn portrait. To top it all off, we illuminated the big dome with a sea of orange lights as we danced the night away to the last few songs. Well, ROC said it himself; he approves of what he heard about Manila having the best concert crowds.

It’s A Secret

I should’ve stayed at home… Nope, I’m more than happy to be singing along to Best Friend late at night. Now, Rex Orange County and a few fans have a secret (and are we becoming best friends?). Don’t worry, here’s what went down.

As the song starts playing, the 21-year-old wanted all phones down so we could all be in the moment together—like besties with a secret. Surprisingly, everyone agreed, and it was one of the most genuine concert moments I’ve ever encountered.

Surprise Song!

Rex Orange County had initially planned to conclude with It’s Not The Same Anymore, but the Filipino fans had one specific song in mind—Pluto Projector. Given that we’re the best crowd, even ROC couldn’t say no after fans passionately sang the entire song a cappella. Encore? It’s more like a core memory.

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