Moira Dela Torre Is Out For Blood With Her New Music

Pop off Moira!

We’re ready for Moira Dela Torre’s Reputation era.

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Moira Dela Torre is staying busy this 2023. The OPM queen is set to embark on her very first world tour beginning this February 10. But before she does that, Moira kicked things off with a sold-out concert at the Araneta Coliseum on February 3. And while most expected the singer-songwriter to melt hearts with her hugot hits (and that she did), Moira also set things ablaze as she unleashed reworked versions of her songs and even debuted a new track that reflects her current state. 


@jstdrs “SA ILANG TAONG NAGLOKO, NAGPAALAM KA BA?” Moira sings her new composition #EME Song #MoiraLiveConcert #MoiraAtTheBigDome #fyp ♬ original sound – just_dars

In case you’ve been disconnected from the world these past few months, Moira Dela Torre’s love life is currently in flux, to say the least, following her split from ex-husband, Jason Hernandez. As much as we feel for Moira, we also know that heartbreak can fuel a banger, and that’s exactly what the most streamed Filipina on Spotify did during her concert. After all, if there’s anything we learned in music, it’s to never mess with a woman scorned…who can sing and write songs.

Dressed in a sparkly red jumpsuit and guitar in hand, Moira began singing a new song called Eme about putting an ex on blast. While no names were mentioned, it didn’t take much to put the pieces together in what can be considered Moira’s first-ever diss track. “Ang kapal ng mukha mo / Wala na ngang tayo / Bat parang ‘di pwedeng lumaya? / Wala naman akong kasalanan” sang Moira as she let the audience know how exactly she felt. She then goes after this ex and cusses him out for trying to have a say in her new love life even though he is no longer in the picture. “‘Wag kang parang gago / Kung magkaron man ako’ng bago / ‘Di ko kailangang magpaalam.” And if that wasn’t enough, Moira decided to go for the jugular with this line “Sa ilang taong nanloko, nagpaalam ka ba?” The fact that this was all sung in the same verse makes it even better.


Moira dela Torre has always been known for penning lyrics that speak straight to the heart. And with this new track, Moira was definitely saying things. The song feels like a classic Moira tune, but one that channels her anger, which we rarely see. Later on in the concert, she performed another unreleased track, this time about wasting five years of your life in a failed relationship. Moira made Taylor Swift and SZA proud with that one.

Back in January, she released her latest single, ikaw at sila, which touched upon a failed relationship and was the opening for her new era and album coming later this year. Add recent performances of her reworked songs that reflect her new status in life, signs so far seem to point at a breakup album, and we couldn’t be happier. Moira is about to come through with this post-separation glow-up. Let’s just say that if this is how the rest of her new album is going to sound, we’re gonna stream it the moment it drops.