6 Times Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild’s Friendship Was Lowkey Our Favorite Part Of Miss Universe 2023

Mommy and Daddy 🫶

In our fantasy, Michelle Dee and Anntonia Porsild made it to the Top 2 of Miss Universe 2023.

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In the high-stakes world of the Miss Universe pageant, the pressure and competition might mean that there is no room for camaraderie or friendship among the more than 80 queens competing. But that is far from the truth as, at the end of the day, it’s the bonds and sisterhood that prevails among the delegates. And when it came to Miss Universe 2023, one friendship stole many people’s hearts, that of Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Dee and Miss Universe Thailand Anntonia Porsild. 

Since these queens met up in El Salvador, it’s been nothing but bestie behavior between these SEA sisters. The fact that they are going to Mexico together next as part of their Miss Universe duties means that the bond is far from over. Even if Michelle and Anntonia didn’t take home the crown, we have a strong feeling they’ll be taking home a wholesome friendship. Scroll down for a few times netizens fell in love with their friendship.  


You know you’re that loved of a duo when you get your own hashtag. Michelle and Anntonia have been so close and receiving so much support for their fans, a fact both queens have recognized, that they have their own hashtag, #PorDeeUniverse, in their bid to become the next Miss Universe. It is derived from their last names (Por and Dee) and is a symbol of why we’re here for this duo. 


Real friends will be there for you in your highs and lows. As such, after Anntonia finished first-runner up at Miss Universe 2023, Michelle, who herself made it to the Top 10, was spotted giving Anntonia a warm hug that looked all kinds of comforting. 


We all know the feeling of how scary doing something alone for the first time can be, especially when you’re halfway across the world. It’s a good thing that Michelle and Anntonia have each other throughout their Miss Universe journey. In the lead-up to coronation night, the two often spent a lot of time together, from rehearsal preparations, official duties as Miss Universe delegates, seatmates on the bus, and more. There was even a time when Anntonia used Michelle’s outfit as a blanket. Our favorite moment though was when they both fangirled over Michelle’s Yadom. We love how comfortable they are with each other.  


@mmd Ano daw? #pordeeuniverse #pordee #foryou #michelledee #mmd #missuniverse ♬ 原聲 – Sun😆

What’s a stronger word for mother with how Michelle and Anntonia can effortlessly devour TikTok collabs? Besties who slay TikToks together, stay together. 


@yoodrm iktr!!! gl series when? #panaloparin #pordeeuniverse #pordee #michelledee #anntoniaporsild #missuniversephilippines #missuniversethailand #missuniverse2023 #fyp #foryourpage ♬ original sound – steph

In case you didn’t know, Michelle and Anntonia have nicknames for each other as Michelle refers to Antonnia as “mommy” while Anntonia calls Michelle “daddy”. And like any supportive daddy, MMD shared in her Instagram broadcast channel that she was holding Anntonia’s bag as she waited for her. Mommy and daddy better not get a divorce.


If you search “two pretty best friends” on Google, you’ll find a photo of these queens. Aside from the fact that they look so good in their photos together, they also know how to take each other’s photos, such as when Anntonia shared some snaps on IG and wrote in the caption that “daddy” Michelle was the one who took the pics. If our friends don’t take photos like how Michelle does Anntonia, then we don’t want them. 

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