Mga Kwentong Epik Is The Pinoy Komiks TV Series You Should Be Adding To Your Watchlist

Stay awhile and listen.

Mixing live action with animation, Mga Kwenong Epik is taking Pinoy komiks to the greater heights in a set of series that are both unique and entertaining.

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While Pinoy komiks have a rich history filled with stories worth being told, the genre wasn’t always as widely embraced as compared to its foreign peers. That, of course, is beginning to change as the past couple of years have seen more and more people get into Filipino komiks. From the launch of Penlab to the Trese animated series on Netflix, the new Darna series, and more, Pinoy komiks are getting that reinvigorated push into the public spotlight as more people consume its content. And for those who are itching for more of that in their lives, there is a series on Netflix that recently dropped, and is definitely worth checking out. Enter: Mga Kwentong Epik: Maria Makiling.


Created by Epik Studios, Mga Kwentong Epik: Maria Makiling is a six-episode show based on the graphic novel of the same name from the same studio, which was released back in September 2019. It follows Ria (voiced by Ryza Cenon), a young woman from San Pablo, Laguna who learns that she’s actually Maria Makiling, the mythical protector of Mt. Makiling.

What helps the series stand out is its marriage of live-action and animation. Each episode begins with a narrator, played by Bodjie Pascua (who you may know as Kuya Bodjie from Batibot), as he grabs the novel from his shelf and begins telling the tale like the wise storyteller that he is.

The episode then transitions to Ria’s story, which is told as if it was the pages of the graphic novel brought to life. It reminds us of those interactive motion graphic novels on the internet. The komik story is presented through animation and panels, which allows the source material to shine. The narration of each episode also gives it a Lola Basyang vibe that invites the viewer to know how the tale plays out.


The series initially aired on TV 5 this past June, but recently dropped on Netflix this September. With each episode clocking in at around 20-25 minutes long, Mga Kwentong Epik makes for a quick yet fun binge-watch. And if Maria Makiling has got you wanting more, the series has two other spin-offs also focused on Philippine mythology: Mga Kwentong Epik ni Bernardo Carpio and Mga Kwentong Epik ni Osyana. Both follow the same format of featuring a narrator with the main story being told through animation. Bernardo Carpio, which stars Marco Gumabao, and Osyana, which stars Kylie Versoza and Jerald Napoles, are both available on Netflix as well. You don’t often see these kinds of local shows bringing to life local komiks in such an interesting way so it’s definitely something worth checking out.

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