Attention Teens! These Webtoons Will Help Empower You On Online Safety and Privacy

Towards a safer online environment.

With youth advocates Janina Vela and Hannah Pangilinan, the educational webtoon series aims to help teens take control of their privacy and safety online.

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In today’s dominantly digital age, social media has undoubtedly become an integral part of our daily lives. But while it has its benefits, including connecting with people from all around the world and providing endless opportunities for self-expression, social media can also be a double-edged sword with its potential dangers. From cyberbullying, exposure to inappropriate content, and online predators, the internet can be a harmful space, especially for vulnerable young people who lack guidance and awareness. 

This is why it is imperative that the youth get the necessary education and support to arm them with the right knowledge and tools in using the internet safely and responsibly. This is what Meta, the mother company of Facebook and Instagram, precisely aims to do with their recently launched webtoons aimed at teenagers.


Meta has launched a series of informative webtoons that aim to educate Filipino teens on how to protect their data and safeguard their privacy online. These webtoons were developed in collaboration with the National Privacy Commission (NPC), Child Rights Network (CRN), and youth advocates Janina Vela and Hannah Pangilinan, in line with the Kabataang Digital Campaign. The topics covered in the webtoons were based on consultations with Filipino teens from different socio-economic backgrounds from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

Meta’s webtoons go beyond mere entertainment. Crafted with child safeguarding standards, they are a comprehensive guide for teens to navigate social media safely while safeguarding their personal information. Each episode provides a roadmap for readers, empowering them to take control of their online experiences. The webtoons also highlight the tools and resources available from Meta that can help keep their online activity secure.

The webtoons aim to help teenagers take control of their social media experience in a way that is safe and supportive of their well-being. Each of the three webtoons consists of three episodes, each focusing on a specific issue related to online privacy and safety. For instance, Get Ready With Me! focuses on the importance of online privacy and being mindful of what you share and with whom. Meanwhile, The Cat in the Alley teaches about boundaries and what a truly safe space looks like. Finally, the third webtoon, From URL to IRL tells the story of an online gaming enthusiast who learns the value of protecting his personal information.

Meta's teen-friendly Webtoons
Metas teen friendly Webtoons

Filipino teens can view and download the webtoons for free on the Digital Tayo website, where interactive educational games and quizzes are also available. The webtoons will also soon be available in other languages, such as Filipino and Cebuano. Meta plans to partner with other organizations and government agencies as well to expand the distribution of the educational series.

Content creator Janina Vela appreciates how the webtoons accurately capture everyday life and talk about issues that are very relevant to Filipino teens today. “Meta’s Webtoons can help Filipino teens everywhere learn how we can take control of our experiences on social media in a way that works for us and that supports our well-being,” she says. As youth advocates, Janina and Hannah have first-hand experiences of the impact of social media on their generation and have been using social media to shed light on their mental health advocacies.

Hannah Pangilinan with Atty Theresita Patula, Director at the NPC, and Janice Tapil of CRN
Hannah Pangilinan with Atty Theresita Patula Director at the NPC and Janice Tapil of CRN
Malina Enlund - APAC Safety Policy Manager at Meta
Malina Enlund APAC Safety Policy Manager at Meta
Panel discussion at the unveiling of Meta's Webtoons
Panel discussion at the unveiling of Meta Webtoons

Atty. Maria Theresita E. Patula, Director at the National Privacy Commission, welcomes the initiative of Meta and the Child Rights Network to educate teens on how to protect their privacy and stay safe online. She believes that these webtoons are a creative and innovative way to educate Filipinos about data privacy and personal data protection.

Meta_s Webtoon series include a story about boundaries and what a truly safe space looks like
Meta s Webtoon series include a story about boundaries and what a truly safe space looks like

On the other hand, Meta Safety Policy Manager for APAC Malina Enlund reiterates Meta’s commitment to protecting teens and supporting families online. “We will continue to work closely with experts, parents, guardians, and teens to develop relatable and informative resources that will equip teens across the Philippines with knowledge and tools that will help them take control of their online experience and  help them become responsible users of social media,” she assures.

Click here to access the full episodes of the three webtoons, including bonus interactive choose-your-own-adventure games. You can also check out the Meta Facebook page for easily shareable versions of the webtoons, which are all available for free.

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