Twitter *Might* Be Shutting Down, And People Are Not Okay

This is for my peoples who just lost somebody.

Well, what do we do now?

When Elon Musk’s long talked about purchase of Twitter finally pushed through in late October, many expected changes to come to the company and the platform itself. But what some weren’t expecting was how chaotic things would get in such a short amount of time. First, Elon fired over half of Twitter’s 7000+ workforce. Then, the platform rolled out the new Twitter Blue featured that allowed any user to get the coveted blue check mark for $8 a month. As you can expect, that did not turn out well and in a matter of days, it was brought down. Now, it seems as if Twitter itself may be on the chopping block.


In case you’re lost, here’s a quick rundown of the Twitter mess. Last week, Elon Musk emailed the remaining staff of Twitter that he wanted to build a Twitter 2.0. But in order to do that, they would need to go “hardcore” and work longer and more intense hours. The email asked employees to say yes if they wanted to stay. If they didn’t respond, it would be taken as a no, and it would be considered as quitting. The deadline for the email was Thursday afternoon (Friday in Philippine time).

Thousands of employees refused to join in on this new intense environment and opted to walk away. Because of this, critical expertise needed to run the site is now gone, including veteran engineers who know how to get Twitter back up during outages. And to top it all off, Twitter’s main offices in San Francisco have been closed for the time being.

These cuts have consequences and many speculated that it was only a matter of time before Twitter would shut down due to the lack of manpower. This is why you may have come across #RIPTwitter on the trending page or your timelines. As you can expect, it’s been quite chaotic on Twitter given how the platform may just stop working soon. But as you determine which social media platform you’ll be moving into next, here are just some of the varied reactions to the news because as always, Twitter reaction remain unbeatable.

He is right

Twitter stans in panic mode

The OG Queen is back

Now that Twitter maybe closing down, other social media sites are seeing an increase in new users. And one site is Tumblr, a platform many left for Twitter, but are now coming back to.

No more memes

Maris Racal spoke for many of us with this tweet. Some of our favorite memes come from Twitter. It’s the only social media platform where you can get breaking news and funny commentary.

It’s a mess

Social media network support group

First Tumblr and now Instagram. Even other social media sites are feeling for Twitter.

They have a point

We have a feeling Ayala Museum is documenting history that’s happening right before us.

Valid point

If you wanted to know if there was an earthquake, you turned to Twitter. But when its gone, we might just run to Instagram stories instead.

No longer among us

Last chance

Asking the right questions

The final word according to Marina

Career opportunity

Despite all its flaws, Twitter is a place that has brought many good things and memories to people. Like Yani, the bird app was a place where their careers flourished. They found a following which changed lives.

The final (TBD) Rickroll

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