Me& Is The Hong Kong Girl Group Primed To Go Global

Meet Me&, The Hong Kong Girl Group Primed To Go Global 

From HK to the world.

Get to know Me& and how the rookie girl group hopes to take their talents to a wide audience and connect with their artistry. 

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What exactly does it mean to be a girl group in this day and age? While girl groups have existed for decades, it’s an idea that has become more than just a group of women who know how to sing and dance. As some of the biggest girl groups in history have routinely shown, there has to be that extra energy that brings them over the top and means something more. That formula is one rookie girl group Me& has been cooking right out of the gate. 

Composed of members Feanna (lead vocalist), Vian (main dancer), and Mandy (visual and sub-vocalist), this trio based in Hong Kong is coming for the music scene with their mix of talent, polish, captivating musicality, killer style, and more. Me& is hoping to go beyond being “yet another girl group” and be artists that shine with their group dynamic mixed with their individual personalities. They are trailblazing a new path for girl groups in the region, and their perspective is both inspiring and refreshing.

Their debut single, Eye to Eye, is evocative of this as it celebrates deep and meaningful connection and love. It’s cute and catchy bubblegum pop, but as the girls say, it’s just step one into their plans as superstars in the making. “Although our first song may give everyone a sweet and cute impression, the three of us also have a stylish side with attitude. We hope to showcase our different facets to everyone,” shares Feanna. Get to know more about the group in our interview with the trio below. 

What is the meaning behind your name “Me&”?

Feanna: The name Me& reminds me of our names Feanna, Mandy and Vian. It gives me a sense of “you and me”.

Vian: Me& represents a collective that includes both individuals and groups. It’s not just a gathering of people but uniting a range of unique individuals. The symbol represents the endless possibilities that our group can explore.

Was there a specific moment or experience that made you want to pursue a career in music?

Feanna: I have been passionate about singing since the age of five, and my childhood dream has always been to become a singer. Luckily, I had the opportunity to sing the theme song for the movie “She Remembers, He Forgets” at the age of 14, which led me to join the Media Asia family as a solo singer.

Vian: Michael Jackson has inspired me to become a dancer while 2NE1’s performances have motivated me to pursue a career in music. The influence of Michael Jackson and 2NE1’s performances has inspired me greatly. Their stage presence and musical style had a significant impact on me during my childhood, leading me to dance and sing along whenever I heard their music.

Mandy: When I initially accepted this challenge, I simply felt that since life is only played once, I could try anything. I never expected this to happen after trying, I would genuinely develop a strong passion for music.


How would you describe who Me& is as a group?

Feanna: Me& is a Love Attack Squad who spread love to everyone

Vian: It is a harmonious blend of cool, sweet, cute, spicy, and moody girls coming together.

Mandy: We just enjoy the stage naturally.

How do you feel now that Me& has finally made their debut? 

Feanna: I feel a mix of excitement and nervousness as the project we have been preparing for two years is finally coming to fruition. Having two teammates by my side brings a sense of comfort and reassurance. The three of us will continue to work hard, aiming to bring the best music and stage performance to everyone.

Vian: Worth the wait! It is so exciting and touching when our music video was released online. Watching it felt like we were witnessing our creation come to life, akin to the joy of seeing a beloved baby being born.

Mandy: After two years of preparation, there’s a feeling of giving birth to my own child.

How would you describe the Hong Kong music scene and how does Me& fit into it? 

Feanna: The music scene in Hong Kong is flourishing, with a wide variety of music styles being embraced. We also aspire to explore different genres and are looking forward to creating great music together with everyone.

Vian: The Hong Kong music scene is a vibrant and dynamic mix of various genres, reflecting the city’s unique cultural blend of Eastern and Western influences. One of the prominent genres in Hong Kong is Cantopop which combines elements of Western pop music, Cantonese lyrics and local melodies to create a distinct sound that resonates with the local population.

Instead of fitting in, we have added some new flavor to the scene. Our song, ‘Eye to Eye’, has combined elements of mainstream pop music, English Lyrics and local vocals, creating our own distinct sound that revitalizes with the local population.

While you just debuted, how do you work with each other to develop your chemistry? 

Feanna: This is one of the things that I find very interesting. The three of us have different personalities, but when we come together, there is a wonderful balance. We complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses within the team. In the group, I am in charge of singing, Vian takes on the role of dancing, and Mandy is the team leader. The three of us support and uplift each other.

Vian: In Me&, we effectively utilize our individual strengths to navigate and balance our different personalities. For example, Feanna primarily supports our vocals, I assist with the dance aspect, and Mandy provides leadership for the overall picture.

Mandy: Mainly, it’s about actively communicating with each other. By truly understanding one another, we will come to appreciate each other’s strengths and be able to appreciate everyone.


What is it about Eye to Eye that made it the perfect song to introduce the group to the world?

Feanna: Our first single, “Eye to Eye,” is a highly energetic and upbeat song. It is a full English track, and the production team is from Korea, making it a more pop-oriented song. The concept of this song is to spread love, aiming to inject love and vitality into the hearts of everyone who listens to it.

Vian: ‘Eye to Eye’ is an electrifying fusion of captivating dance choreography, soulful vocals, and mesmerizing rap verses, all seamlessly woven together by the Love Attack Squad – Me& (us!). The song serves as an anthem for the transformative power of love and its ability to bring people together, transcending barriers and fostering genuine connections. Love heals. Let’s dance together.

Could you talk about your experience shooting the music video for Eye to Eye? What was your favorite part of the shoot?

Feanna: Our music video production team is from Korea, and they are all experienced professionals. We filmed for two days in total, with only about 2 hours of rest during that time. It was a very new experience for me. They were extremely professional in terms of makeup, hair, and styling, and we all loved their work. My favorite scene is when I’m wearing angel wings. It felt like I was seeing a version of myself that I had never seen before.

Vian: Shooting a music video was an entirely new experience for me, especially filming it in Korea. I felt a mix of extreme excitement and nervousness!

My favorite moments during the shoot were the candle-biting scene and the tooth gem scene. They both centered around my mouth, which was a funny coincidence. During the filming of some scenes, I had some exaggerated movements that loosened the tooth gem, and I ended up swallowing it while the camera was still rolling. It was my first time encountering such a situation that required my spontaneous reaction.

Mandy: I remember during the filming of the music video, I didn’t have any time to sleep for two straight days because I was also shooting a movie at that time. As soon as I returned to Hong Kong, I had to continue filming the movie, resulting in a total of three days without sleep. It became a personal record of sleep deprivation.

Favorite part? I feel that chatting with the filming crew and exchanging thoughts with them about the pace of the shoot and the differences in Hong Kong is very interesting.

What does Me& bring to the table in the girl group scene?

Feanna: I believe that Me& is a vibrant girl group. Although our first song may give everyone a sweet and cute impression, the three of us also have a stylish side with attitude. We hope to showcase our different facets to everyone.

Vian: We bring a distinct blend of flavors to the table, incorporating our unique qualities and strengths. Furthermore, our engaging personalities and positive vibes can serve as role models. Through ‘Eye to Eye’ and our promotion of “Spread The Love,” we aspire to inspire our audience and make a positive impact in the music scene

Mandy: The different personalities of us three individuals seem to stimulate various emotions in the audience.

What kind of impact are you hoping to bring to the music industry?

Feanna: For now, our main direction is to spread love, whether it’s self-love or love towards those around us. We hope to inject more love into the music scene in Hong Kong.

Vian: I believe that music has the power to connect people worldwide. My goal is to make an impact on the industry through engaging performances and the fusion of different genres.

Mandy: I feel that it would be great if we could make the listeners feel a little better. If we can make everyone feel good or improve their mood after listening, that would be enough.


Why do you think the world should watch out for Me&?

Feanna: Our mission is to spread love, we hope the world can hear our songs and be filled with the power of love.

Vian: Me& is filled with endless possibilities, including potential collaborations with others, even on an international level. Join us and stay tuned!

Five years from now, where do you think Me& will be?

Feanna: I hope that five years from now, Me& can release even more great music, and that each member can develop their own talents and strengths.

Vian: I firmly believe that Me& will continue to shine on stage and spread love to the world. We are stepping out of our comfort zones to bring new music to the global audience.

Photos courtesy of Media Asia

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