Meet Mavi: The Team Payaman Kid Who’s Fast-Becoming Our Next Favorite Meme

Trust me, he's THAT funny.

With Maris Racal as the ‘Meme Queen,’ maybe Mavi Velasquez will soon take over the throne.

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If you’re not following Team Payaman, why not? We all know that once you click on their videos, there’s no coming back. Like those who’ve been fans since their humble beginnings, you might recall the series Sampung Utos and game streaming with Tier One. Back then, it was just friends having fun, and their family started to grow with their success as content creators.

Besides being one of the most unproblematic groups you should follow ASAP, another reason to stan Team Payaman is the Team Payaman kids—starting with Mavi Velasquez. Like any other celebrity baby, this five-year-old practically grew up in the limelight. At this point, we’ve seen him become a Kuya and a schoolboy all while taking over social media with his meme-worthy mood and adorable personality. Scroll down to witness some of Mavi’s funniest moments, further proving that this kid was born to become a meme.

A Gentle Reminder

@payamansion_ ang bait bait naman ni taklero e #mavi #payamansion_ #foryoupage ♬ original sound – Itlog

For those who can’t seem to stop smoking flavored air, Mavi has a gentle reminder for you: ‘Bawal mag-vape‘ because it’s ‘bad sa lungs.’

Like Mother, Like Son

@graaace27 “sad ako kasi miss ko siya” 🥹 Same, Mavi, same 🥲 #fyp #TP #Mavi #vieniligan #TeamPayaman #foryoupage #trend #miss #CongTV ♬ original sound – MTB – LG

Clearly taking after his parents, Marlon Velasquez (AKA Junnie Boy, now Junnie Dad) and Vien Iligan-Velasquez, Mavi is humor trapped in a human’s body—and this conversation proves just that. With quick comedic banter between this mother and son duo, the real question is: bakit hindi niya ako miss?

Mood 24/7 

@alyyy_dump me and my backlogs hahahaha #fypシ #mavi #teampayaman #fyp #vieniligan #funnyvideos ♬ Funny Song – Funny Song Studio & Sounds Reel

Same, Mavi, same. Whether it’s academics, freelancing, or your 9-5 workload, we’re all Mavi at this point. It’s like one task after another, and then everything turns into ~tomorrow’s problem.~

POV: Seeing your crushie at school with someone else…

@viylinemediagroup Yung kabado ka pero ang Daddy mo ay si Junnie Boy! 😂😂 Cute Mavi! 🥰 #junnieboy #mavi #teampayaman #tiktok #trending #viral #fyp #fypage ♬ original sound – Viyline Media Group

My heart‘ is one of Mavi’s most meme-worthy reactions, and I can’t decide if it’s cute-funny or sad-funny. Maybe it’s both, because this is how everyone feels when their campus crush is with someone else. Did you feel that? Because I totally felt that.

To Every Ate and Kuya

As an only child, I can’t relate to this one. However, I fact-checked with every Ate and Kuya that I know, and they actually agree. People will move mountains for their siblings, but sometimes it’s like this—there’s no in-between.

Mavi Core

I can’t stop laughing while writing this story, and it’s safe to say that TikTok agrees. With people following his funny videos, some have even created edits of ‘Mavi Core.’ Need a laugh as well? Just watch this video.

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