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Markus Paterson’s Cutest Moments With His Son, Jude

You can tell Markus loves being a father.

We list down our favorite moments between Markus Paterson and his son, Jude, that are too cute for words.

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Markus Paterson has had a lot of roles in his life, but the biggest and most important so far is being a father. Despite becoming a father at 22 years old, Markus has stepped up to the plate and has shown that he is more than ready to be the best father he can be to Jude. In the time that Markus has been a father, he has talked about how much he loves his son and has shared quite a few moments of the both of them on social media. To celebrate Father’s Day, here are our picks of the cutest moments between Markus and his son, Jude.

When he posted his first pic with Jude

By the beginning of 2021, rumors were swirling that Markus Paterson and Janella Salvador had a baby, having already given birth in the UK. While everyone wanted to know if it was true or not, Markus and Janella decided to reveal their son to the rest of the world on their own terms. Following a YouTube video entitled, Hey, Jude (as in the Beatles song), Markus posted his first picture of Jude on his Instagram in January of this year that showed Jude holding Markus’s finger and it couldn’t have been any sweeter. This was the world’s introduction to Jude Trevor Paterson, and it was quite wholesome.

When he and Janella vlogged about Jude’s birth

Along with the posting of the first pictures, Markus and Janella also released a joint vlog on their YouTube channel documenting the whole experience. It was so nice to see Markus prepare himself and be by Janella’s side in the lead-up to the due date. And when she finally gave birth, the connection between Markus and Jude was instant and the snippets we saw between them were so cute. That connection was strengthened by the fact that he was born in the same hospital and wing as Markus. At the end of the video, Markus had a special and sweet message for Jude. “To my son, my firstborn, my darling boy, there aren’t enough words to express how much love I have for you. The minute I saw you, I would do anything in this world to protect you.”

When he sang to Jude

In their third vlog, Markus, Janella, and Jude were on their way for Jude to meet Janella’s father. On the way, Markus started singing to him and the scene was so memorable. Markus sang with a soft and soothing voice while Jude looked on with the cutest expression on his face. It looked like Jude was into it and that they had their moment in the car.

When he squished Jude’s cheeks

On Instagram, Markus has posted quite a few pics of him and Jude. But one of our favorites has to be when he posted this series of pictures of him squishing Jude’s cheeks. It was so cute and he looked like the definition of gigil.

When they wore matching shirts

Aside from his career in the entertainment industry, Markus Paterson is a talented football player. In fact, he used to play professionally before shifting full-time into show business. It’s no surprise then that try to share with Jude his love of football. While he isn’t kicking footballs yet, he did wear matching soccer jerseys with Marcus. We don’t find it hard to imagine father and son playing football together in the future with Marcus being Jude’s coach.

When he posts napping pics with Jude

From the assortment of pictures Marcus has shared on social media, we also love the ones he shares with him and Jude napping together. Marcus has said that he will be the type of father who will nap with his son until he doesn’t like it anymore so we’re going to get whatever we can take. The image of Markus and his son napping together is just so heartwarming.

When he reunited with Jude after he finished filming his show

Recently, Marcus had to go away for a few days to film his scenes for a brand new TV series, Viral. During that time, Marcus would post on his Instagram stories how he would miss Jude so much and would Facetime him to see him. Markus would even countdown the days until he would be able to see him and Janella Salvador again. So, when he did finally go home, he immortalized the occasion with a cute pic of him and Jude with an even sweeter caption.

When he dedicated a song to Jude

It was only a matter of time before Markus would make a song about his son, and that is exactly what happened when he, along with his friend, producer, and fellow first-time dad, Moophs, dropped a new song called Every Day. The song talks about Markus’s experience of being a father and features Jude on the cover art for the single.

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