7 Times Maris Racal Was The Biggest ReVeluv

7 Times Maris Racal Was The Biggest ReVeluv

Actress, musician, and Red Velvet stan.

Maris Racal is just like you—she loves Red Velvet! Check out these moments where she showcased her platinum ReVeluv stan card.

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Maris Racal is the people’s princess for many reasons—a few of which are because she’s funny to boot, along with being authentic and relatable. Did you know that the singer and actress, currently starring as Irene Tiu in teleserye Can’t Buy Me Love is also a K-pop stan? She’s a devoted ReVeluv—a fan of iconic K-pop girl group Red Velvet, composed of members Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy, and Yeri.

Maris became a fan of K-pop around the time the pandemic hit, when she was worried about a lot of things and got the chance to listen to some new music, which changed her life and outlook. She posted on X, “it saved me. it gave me a new world and a sense of normalcy in my life. i thought hey i want that and id also love that for my fans.”

Many people did get into K-pop during the lockdowns as it gave them plenty of joy and something to hold onto during some hard times, and Maris was no different. She’s always been vocal about her love for Red Velvet, and from attending their concert to making stan-Twitter-worthy jokes, we’ve rounded up a few moments that proved the she’s giving Head Pinoy ReVeluv.


It is so cute how Maris took to the social media platform to express her love for Red Velvet when she started becoming a fan. It’s totally peak K-pop stan experience: asking others about the group, engaging with their content, interacting with other fans, praising the members—it signaled the beginning of a very unique experience that is fandom.


No K-pop stan’s journey is complete without seeing their idols live. And thankfully, the actress got to see Red Velvet at their R To V concert back in May of 2023. Maris went with her partner Rico Blanco, took fancams, sang and danced her heart out, and even attempted to get the members to complete her half-heart.


Maris on X sometimes gives off stan account energy, especially when interacting with others on the platform about Red Velvet. When someone was wondering what Irene was up to in Manila after staying for a bit after her guesting at a New Year’s Eve Countdown event at BGC with fellow members Seulgi and Wendy, Maris quoted the post with “🤫” and even joked along with other ReVeluvs about working with her. It’s not enough for Maris that the two Irenes would work on Can’t Buy Me Love together, no—she wants a GL (girls’ love) with the idol! We get her.


Maris couldn’t attend said New Year’s countdown event and see 3/5 of Red Velvet, so she took to X to express her jealousy at a fan who got to talk to Irene and Seulgi when they ordered at the fan’s coffee shop. Honestly, felt.


Ah, the struggle of schedules and logistics. As an artist with a busy schedule, it could be harder to live out a K-pop stan life smoothly. Maris wanted to attend the Be You concert for People With Special Needs, a show with a lineup of global and local artists headlined by Red Velvet, but it seemed like her schedule wouldn’t permit it. She then wished for the concert to be moved so she could attend and there’s nothing more real than that. Many a stan has fallen victim to work schedules, and Maris has been one of them.


maris racal reveluv red velvet irene

From all her posts about Irene (coincidentally her character’s name in Can’t Buy Me Love), including the one about wanting a GL with the idol, we can assume Maris’ Red Velvet bias is Irene and that she’s a Baetokki (the nickname for Irene’s fans).


maris racal reveluv red velvet wendy

Need we say more? The actress is clearly also a Wendyluv—a Wendy-biased stan—with a massive crush on the idol. See, even your faves have faves. She lamented not getting to meet her when it was revealed that the girls would be here for New Year’s, and even expressed that she’d take her to La Union. Shoot your shot, Maris!

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