Our Favorite Things From Red Velvet’s Dark, Spooky New Music Video ‘Chill Kill’

Ate, chewed, tore.

The queens of beautifully alluring concepts are back with their 3rd album! Here’s what we love about Red Velvet’s newest music video ‘Chill Kill’.

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The queens are back! K-pop girl group Red Velvet recently dropped their new album Chill Kill, with a title track of the same name and an accompanying music video. Chill Kill is the group’s 3rd full album, with ten tracks of varying styles and sounds bound together by Red Velvet’s signature charm, gorgeous vocals, and engaging energy. From dreamy ballads to catchy dance tracks, Chill Kill is an impressive comeback that keeps Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, and Yeri comfortably seated on their well-deserved thrones in the realm of K-pop.

Since the teasers, ReVeluvs knew they were in for something enchanting and eerie—and Red Velvet delivered. Dramatic, bewitching, and visually pleasing, the music video was a carefully-threaded narrative filled with elements that’s going to live rent-free in our minds for a long time. So, besides the vocals and choreography, here’s some of our favorite things about the Chill Kill music video!


red velvet chill kill

One thing about Red Velvet—their visuals and the visual aesthetics of their comebacks are always on point. The Chill Kill era features a dark, macabre concept, stellar fashion, and the stunning platinum face cards of the girls. The music video had great cinematography and visual storytelling, perfectly accompanying the upbeat, unmistakably Red Velvet-esque pop track.


red velvet chill kill irene

Featuring several conflicts between “sisters” and each one’s personal struggles, Chill Kill had Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, and Yeri showing off their acting chops and chemistry built on a decade-long relationship. Get these girls some acting contracts ASAP!


red velvet chill kill

Shown in the concept photos to the music video, Chill Kill tells the story of five tormented sisters living in a home they wish to escape from. From cleaning up what seemed to be a crime scene to depictions of fear, the dark, creepy, and downright macabre details are well-thought out and are pure fodder for countless theories—and we can’t wait to get on social media to read some of them.


red velvet chill kill

Speaking of theories, Red Velvet packing up and setting the house on fire could mean so many things. We’d like to think of it as a symbolic act of freedom and defiance, leaving behind what was distressing and setting off for somewhere or something better.


Throughout the video, the “sisters'” relationship with each other was highlighted. Even after they get caught by police (presumably for the crimes committed in that cursed home), the girls remained content with their freedom from the house and relied on what they’ve always been able to trust—each other.

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