Here Are 7 Red Velvet Music Videos To Watch To Celebrate Their 7th Anniversary And Upcoming Comeback

Celebrating The 7th Anniversary And Comeback Of Red Velvet? Here Are 7 Music Videos To Watch

Get ready for Queendom.

With Red Velvet just recently celebrating their 7th anniversary and their much-awaited comeback almost here, here are 7 of their music videos to help you get ready for their return.

It’s been a busy few weeks for Red Velvet. The group took an extended hiatus following Wendy’s accident in 2020 and didn’t release any new music for over a year and a half. While it was nice to see the members work on their own solo projects, nothing beats seeing Irene, Seulgi, Joy, Wendy, and Yeri together as OT5. And fans all over the world got their wish when SM Entertainment announced that the girl group was finally having a comeback on August 16 with the release of their sixth mini-album, Queendom. Red Velvet also recently reached a milestone when they celebrated their 7th anniversary. So, as we patiently wait for the girls to dominate once again, here are 7 of their music videos to binge watch and help you get ready for their impending comeback.

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While Ice Cream Cake isn’t technically Red Velvet’s debut song, you could consider it as such. This is because this was the first song they released after Yeri joined the group and she fit in with the rest like a glove. It’s just funny how most of the members dyed their hair blonde for the video since they had a new member join the group. The song is about the special feeling you get when you’re with someone you love. The upbeat nature of the song doesn’t quite match with the desert setting of the music video, but Red Velvet will always give you those out-of-the-box concepts, as you’ll see later in this list. Ice Cream Cake has an earworm of a chorus, and you should definitely give this song a listen if you haven’t already.


One thing to know about Red Velvet is that they are the queens of variety. The red in Red Velvet is meant to represent their more colorful, fun, pop side. The velvet represents the more R&B, sensual side of the group. Dumb Dumb definitely shows off their fun side. The song is about feeling awkward or stupid when you’re around someone you like and features a rap verse filled with Michael Jackson references. The music video meanwhile is weird and the first notable example of how unique the girls can get with their music video concepts. Though at least this era introduced us to their now iconic red maid looks. (Fun fact: Red Velvet says dumb 214 times in the song.)


Even though Russian Roulette may sound like a fun song, the music video is actually quite dark. The semi-sports-themed music video is another unique concept that sees the girls find ways to harm each other in increasingly dangerous ways. Almost five years since its initial release, Russian Roulette is still a whole bop and sounds so fresh, like something that could be released today. The fact that the song’s dance moves went viral on TikTok in the past year shows just how good Russian Roulette is.


Red Flavor is a perfect song to add to any summer playlist and is one of their best executions of a summer concept to date. This upbeat love song has one of Red Velvet’s weirdest music videos to date as it sees the group talk to and become fruits. Though given the vibe of the song, the fruit concept is quite fitting. The song is so much fun, and the way Wendy ends the song is just icing on this fruit-flavored cake.


Red Flavor and Peek-A-Boo were released just months apart, but the difference between the two couldn’t be starker. Peek-A-Boo is one of Red Velvet’s more notable forays into a dark concept and it fits them so well. The music video sees the girl prepare to go on the hunt once more as they invite another pizza delivery boy over to woo before eventually killing. The Peek-A-Boo era also introduced the world to the group’s rainbow and pride-inspired outfits including Joy’s viral rainbow dress. The song itself has an addicting beat and is one of their more underrated songs, or at least got quickly overshadowed by the next song on the list.


An anthem in its own right, Bad Boy is highly regarded as not only one of Red Velvet’s best songs, but one of the best K-Pop songs of the 2010s. This dark yet playful song introduced Red Velvet to a wider and more global fan base. The sultry music video sees the girls in their prime and is their most viewed music video to date and one of the most viewed music videos from an SM Entertainment artist in history.


It’s such a shame that Red Velvet hasn’t released any new music in more than a year. But at least the last original song the group left us is a whole banger and a half. Released near the end of 2019, Psycho is truly one of their best songs and can easily go toe-to-toe with Bad Boy. They all sound good on the track with Wendy and Selugi’s high notes being a particular standout. Red Velvet ate the song up and left no crumbs. They also look absolutely gorgeous in the music video. There was a reason why a lot of people called Psycho the original SOTY in 2020. The song itself also has a powerful message of being in and moving past a toxic relationship.

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