Maris Racal and Awra Briguela Are Friendship Goals In Their Bangkok Tour

Travel besties.

Whether you’re missing hanging out with your bestie or you just want a good dose of dopamine, the new travel vlog by Maris Racal and Awra Briguela will surely brighten up your day.

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Have you ever missed going out with that best friend who always makes you laugh out loud? While you’re probably too busy to travel, in the meantime, you’ll get that same satisfying feeling vicariously when you watch Maris Racal travel to Bangkok with her best sis Awra Briguela in her latest vlog.

The Suntok Sa Buwan and The Kangks Show co-stars are such a treat to watch as they journey through the streets of Thailand serving you a ton of charismatic humor that, on the one hand, will get you LOLing hard, and on the other, will make you immediately call your bestie and set up the itinerary for your next trip together. Below are some of the highlights of their getaway that’s just pure joy.


A street food vendor in Bangkok

“Welcome to Pasig!” Just a couple of minutes into the vlog and you’re in for some laugh-out-loud moments. After arriving at their Airbnb in Bangkok, Maris couldn’t help but notice the view’s similarity with that of Metro Manila. “May Pares din sila dito oh,” Awra says as they stroll along the street with street vendors just like home.


Maris laughing at Awra's jokes

After being lost for a while, the team finds themselves on a bus. And with a strikingly familiar view of the Thai traffic, Maris Racal and Awra Briguela rise to the occasion as your resident reporters. “Kita niyo naman ang trapik sa EDSA, papalapit na ang rush hour,” jokes Maris with a straight face. “Kapag rush hour kasi guys naguuwian na ang mga estudyante, grabe ang daming poging estudyante,” Awra replies as the two burst into laughter.


Maris Racal and Awra Briguela saying "chicken nuggets" while eating Thai food

A trip to Bangkok will not be complete without trying local food. “Nasa Binondo na tayo!” Awra says in jest as the team fill their tummies with some Thai culinary goodness. And as usual, the talented comedic duo found another opportunity to be funny recreating that viral “chicken nuggets” meme while eating. 


Awra Briguela laughing

It’s pretty convenient to have Awra Briguela as your travel buddy in Thailand who knows a couple of Thai words. At one point in the vlog, Awra takes over as she flexes her Thai speaking skills while they’re on their way to their next destination. Surprisingly, the cab driver also knows some Filipino (cuss) words, much to the amusement of the barkada.


When in Thailand, it’s a must to immerse yourselves in the country’s serene and historically rich temples. And that’s exactly what Maris Racal and Awra Briguela did as they revel in the calm of the temples in Ayutthaya. It has given them the time to reflect, so much so that Awra just “kept thinking.”

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