Why Marina Summers Opening The Miss Universe Philippines Coronation Night Is More Revolutionary Than You Think

There is a crown for everyone.

“Oras na para tayo naman ang rumampa.” — Marina Summers

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The Philippines was left in awe after Marina Summers’ show stopping performance on the sparkly stage of Miss Universe Philippines last night for the coronation. She went from doing a parody challenge of the pageant on Drag Race Philippines to actually opening the show. It was an eye-catching feast of glitz and glam, a true celebration of the Filipina beauty. But beyond the breathtaking production, a strong message lies beneath Marina’s very presence. Last night was not just a simple performance; it was a defiant act of visibility and empowerment for Marina and the LGBTQIA+ community. 

A Win For The Community

This wasn’t just Marina’s moment; it was a victory for the entire LGBTQIA+ community. Marina continuously proves that Filipina drag is a force to be reckoned with, and her Miss Universe Philippines 2024 stint is currently sitting as the cherry on top of all her drag excellence victories. This positive representation is just another celebration of self-acceptance and a sense of belongingness.

What Marina did at the Miss Universe Philippines 2024 Coronation Night was more than just an appearance. First, she opened the show (costume change included). Then, she led all the delegates in the latter half of the performance. Finally, just like the delegates, Marina was also given time to give her intro spiel proudly exclaiming “Marina Summers. The Philippines!”

In one night, Marina helped break barriers that once stopped the queer community from soaring. With a simple name and hometown introduction to one of the biggest pageants in the Philippines, Marina did it for all the people in the community who look to pageants as a source of inspiration.

Expanding The Definition Of Beauty

Seemingly as dazzling as the candidates while flawlessly performing head-to-head with former Miss Universe Philippines Michelle Dee, Marina’s beauty never drowned in the sea of countless gorgeous faces. As beauty pageants continue to break away from the narrow standards of femininity, queer forces like Marina are making these spaces a lot more inclusive.

Marina is bejeweled in a manner that redefined beauty as an expression of self, a celebration of individuality transcending societal norms. To stand on a prestigious stage that supposedly picks “the most beautiful woman in the universe” was a powerful message to young LGBTQIA+ Filipinos: you are seen, you are worthy, and you belong on this stage and any other stage you set your sights on.

We Have Come So Far

If you told people ten years ago that a drag queen will walk the runway of Miss Universe Philippines, they would probably not believe you. Queer icons in the media have come from being the comedic relief of the show to being THE show. Marina’s moment is a signal that we have finally stepped into an era that allows the empowerment of the queer community, especially in big spaces with a limitless reach.

Yes, we still have a ways to go for true acceptance with the pageant world still having its its fair share of barriers for greater representation. But, we move closer to a time where a member of the LGBTQIA+ community walking the Miss Universe stage is beyond parody and there to slay and deliver.

For The Little Gay Boys At Home

What makes all of this even better was that Marina dedicated the pivotal moment to the young LGBTQIA+ members watching this scene from their screens. “This is for every baklang chikiting that dreamed of saying this iconic line. Oras na para tayo naman ang rumampa,” Marina said in her tweet. 

MUPH picking Marina to do the introductory line during the opening sets a positive notion to the little gay boys watching the program. Last night, Marina Summers didn’t just grace the Miss Universe PH stage; she served as a sign to every little gay Filipino boy who ever dared to dream. Dreams that once felt like whispers, tucked away in the deepest corners of their hearts. That night wasn’t just an opening, but a promise—a validation that their dreams are no longer just wishes on a star, but possibilities waiting to take flight.

Discrimination and marginalization are still issues faced by many in the local LGBTQIA+ community. Harmful stereotypes and bigotry that leads to physical assaults still abound. Yet, doors continue to be opened—ones that lead to a path where LGBTQIA+ Filipinos can thrive authentically without fear of judgment or exclusion.

Marina standing on that stage is a reminder that true beauty lies in the courage to be yourself, in all your glorious individuality—and that alone is the most revolutionary crown of all.