Queen Energy: 6 Crossover Moments Between Miss Universe and Pinoy Drag

Queen Energy: 6 Crossover Moments Between Miss Universe and Pinoy Drag

Crowns for everybody 👑.

In this world…this universe, rather, we’ve got no shortage of queens.

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When we say “Queen!” what pops into your mind first? The global splendor that is the Miss Universe competition? The artistic extravagance that is drag? Regardless, when it comes to pageant queens to drag queens, majesty knows no bounds. The intersection of their Venn Diagram is vast. If you think about it, Miss Universe and drag has plenty of similarities, particularly if you frame drag specifically within the reality competition space of RuPaul’s Drag Race.

From gag-worthy outfits to showcasing charisma on a stage, Miss Universe and drag competitions celebrate queens’ beauty, creativity, wits, and confidence (all while entertaining us, as well). It makes sense, then, that drag queens are inspired or influenced by beauty pageants and perhaps vice versa, and that crossovers between the two pop culture pillars are not few and far between—especially in the Philippines. Locally, Marina Summers leads the pack of referential queens, taking inspo from our own Miss Universe winners frequently as she competes in RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs. the World Season 2 (2024). Check out some other Miss Universe x Drag competitions crossovers below.


Representing the Philippines in the second edition of international all-stars reality competition RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs. the World, drag queen Marina Summers always serves like a true queen. Her reveal poster alone was iconic, as she donned a royal blue dress inspired by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurztbach’s own coronation gown. The dress was designed by the same designer, Albert Andrada, and featured the same shade, a similar neckline and train, with the addition of some sparkly sheer paneling and extravagant sleeves.


In a lovely, emotional, and pride-inducing moment as she was being praised, Marina had the wits to lightheartedly joke around with her expressions, and ended up informing the judges that she learned the deadly side-look-smize combo from Pia Wurtzbach. Marina’s a self-confessed pageant junkie, and clearly loves to take inspiration from the queens of the universe.


For Drag Race UK vs. The World episode three runway challenge, Marina took inspiration from another winning Filipina queen, Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray. Catriona’s Mak Tumang “lava gown” is forever an iconic fashion moment in pageant history, and Marina channeled that winning energy into a two-part ensemble (also designed by Mak Tumang) on the runway. The first outfit was a glowing volcano rock outer dress that would unfold and reveal her version of the lava gown that was just as fiery and red-hot.


Drag Race Philippines Season 1’s fifth episode Miss Shutacca started out with RuPaul introducing the week’s theme and challenges with “Hello world…I mean, the universe, rather,” a reference to Pia Wurtzbach’s answer to the final question on Miss Universe.

The whole episode was an ode to Miss Universe and beauty pageants, riddled with references to the grandiosity and influence of pageantry like the swimsuit competition, as well as allusions to the Miss Universe Q&A segment, Pia’s shocking 2015 run, and beauty queen stereotypes.


As for real, physical crossovers, both Miss Universe 2015 and 2018 winners Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray were guest judges on the first seasons of Drag Race Philippines and drag pageant competition Drag Den, respectively. Pia judged on the Miss Shutacca episode of the former, wearing a deconstructed version of her coronation gown, while Catriona was the “Drag Enforcer” on the premiere of the latter. Pia is also a huge fan of Drag Race, if you didn’t know. Queens supporting queens!

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