Maria Clara at Ibarra’s FiLay Finally Gets A Music Video For Their Theme Song ‘Kailangan Kita’

Team FiLay, rejoice!

Performed by David Licauco himself, Kailangan Kita features a music video that chronicles all of Fidel and Klay’s kilig-inducing moments.

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Ever since its premiere in October of last year, GMA Network’s primetime historical series Maria Clara at Ibarra has captivated Filipino viewers, both the young and young-at-hearts, with its inventive, contemporary retelling of the Jose Rizal classic, Noli Me Tangere. As you may already know, the celebrated teleserye follows the Gen Z nursing student Klay (Barbie Forteza) as she gets thrusted through time and in the world of the novel, following the complex lives of the fictional characters and making sense of (while also trying to impact change in) the oppressive society they live in. 

But while the fans are astounded by the transportive nature and nostalgic wonder of the show, it’s Klay’s unexpected romance with the chinito ilustrado Fidel (David Licauco) that has tickled their hearts the most. From a cat-and-mouse relationship, the duo’s dynamics has turned into that of an unlikely, but swoon-worthy couple. Then, Team FiLay was born. And as each MCI episode trends online, the passionate FiLay fans can’t help but get excited about their mains, even making their own viral fan edits and compilations to express their love and support. It’s just reasonable to say then that FiLay was one of the breakout love teams of last year and, with the continuous outpouring of affection and devotion from the fans, is still spreading kilig this year. 

Just recently, FiLay stans have enjoyed yet another ayuda as the music video of Fidel and Klay’s theme song, Kailangan Kita, has been released. Performed by the Sinaunang Red Flag and your favorite ginoo himself, David Licauco, the romantic song is accompanied by a compilation of FiLay’s kilig moments that’s just so hard to resist. 


Kailangan kita, dito sa’king mundo / Mawawala ang sigla ‘pag wala ka sa tabi ko / Buhay ko ay kumpleto na dahil sa iyo / Ikaw lang ay kailangan sa buhay ko.” Just by the title, you know that Kailangan Kita will be nothing short of an emotional experience, like that feeling you get every time you are charmed by Barbie and David’s electrifying chemistry. Add to that David’s alluring vocals and the affecting lyrics, then the song becomes a passionate serenade in itself.

David Licauco and Barbie Forteza as Fidel and Klay of the FiLay tandem
Photo from <a href=httpswwwinstagramcompCkP9T RO18D target= blank rel=noopener title=>David Licaucos Instagram<a>

Kailangan Kita was first featured in Maria Clara at Ibarra’s episode 60, which aired on December 23, 2022, during a scene where Fidel accidentally kissed Klay on the cheek during a small (romantic) confrontation at Ibarra’s garden. And on January 3, the song’s official music video was released, bringing a whole other level of kilig for the fans. As expected, Kailangan Kita features all the unforgettable FiLay bits, from their rough introduction and bardagulan moments to that confession episode and ultimately, that first kissing scene. 

Composed and arranged by Simon Tan and with David Licauco’s melodious voice, Kailangan Kita is an ode to that ineffable feeling of first love and its inexplicable effects on a lover’s life. “Sigla ng puso ko ay nahanap lang sayo / Huwag ka sanang lalayo sa piling ko / Ang bawat paghinga ay iaalay ko sa’yo.” Just like the theme song vividly evokes in its lyrics, Kailangan Kita is Fidel’s love letter to his dearest and “tinatangingbinibining Klay.


While it’s not Barbie Forteza and David Licauco’s intention to spur kilig with their characters, it’s undeniable that both FiLay and Maria Clara at Ibarra have made significant impact and contributions to the Filipino pop culture scene. The FiLay ship has already sailed and the fandom just seems to be growing bigger and more passionate than ever as the show continues. 

Team FiLay was also quick to express their love for the release of the Kailangan Kita music video, which also became a trending topic on Twitter. Several netizens tweeted about how they wish for their newfound favorite love team to continue bringing them some uplifting kilig in the series. Another user also took notice of how the Kailanga Kita’s lyrics fit FiLay’s story “very well.”

A fan also praised David Licauco’s vocal quality especially his “riffs and runs.” Even Klay herself, Barbie Forteza, couldn’t help but stan for ginoong Fidel’s gentle and romantic vocals. Another FiLay shipper said that they’re looking forward to a duet in the future.

Does this mean a happy ending? This is the question one FiLay fan muses about after watching the music video. And rightfully so, as MCI’s story transitions to El Filibusterismo very soon. Will we get to see more of FiLay? Fingers crossed.

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