Marco Gumabao Stars In The International Adaptation Of A Wattpad Hit

ICYDK, Marco Gumabao Stars In The International Adaptation Of A Wattpad Hit

Here comes badass Eros.

Global Wattpad hit The Girl He Never Noticed recently got its very own series adaptation. And playing Eros is none other than Marco Gumabao.

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Whenever producers are looking for a book to turn into a movie or series, Wattpad serves as one of their top sources. For years, the platform has been the home to some of modern fiction’s most popular works that have been ripe for adaptation. Recently, the Wattpad classic The Girl He Never Noticed finally got the live series treatment in Singapore. And it’s lead male role was brought to life by Filipino actor Marco Gumabao.


With over 224 million views and counting, The Girl He Never Noticed is one of Wattpad’s most popular novels. It was written by Neilani Alejandrino, more commonly known as Sweetdreamer33, and became an instant hit since its publishing in 2015. In case you aren’t familiar with the story, The Girl He Never Noticed centers on Jade Collins, a shy young woman who works for billionaire bad boy Eros Petrakis. Over time, Jade, who wears a disguise to hide her beauty, begins to develop feelings for Eros. The thing is that Eros isn’t exactly looking for love right now. But as they continue to work together, things change as sparks begin to fly. This love story proved to be a gripping read for millions. In fact, it was a story worth telling on the screen with its recently released live-action series adaptation.

Premiering last September 20, the series features the same pillars as the novel, but with a few twists. Jade takes up a job as a personal secretary the cocky Eros, the son of the wealthiest shipping tycoon. But thanks to his bad decisions, Eros finds himself in a dire position. To get out of the bind and secure his spot as the heir to the family company, Eros asks Jade to be his fake fiancée. The two then go on a whirlwind adventure as their fake romance may have some truth to it. And all while this is happening, a secret connecting Eros and Jade begins to unravel with the potential to change their lives forever. Beatrice Chia-Richmond serves as the series’ director while Tess Pang is playing Jade.


For Eros, he’s played by Marco Gumabao. Given his past roles, Marco brings to life Eros with ease. He’s alluring, suave, overconfident, and occasionally an asshole, all while opening up for the more vulnerable moments. This isn’t the first time Marco appeared in a Wattpad adaptation. But what makes this special is that the series is an international production. The Girl He Never Noticed was produced in Singapore, with filming being done there.

Not only was it a flex that Marco was chosen to play one of Wattpad’s most popular male leads, but he also got to lead an international project. “This was the project we were working on when I was in Singapore,” wrote Marco on his IG post revealing the project. “I’m so honored because they chose me to play the part of Eros Petrakis.” With that, Marco got to join the growing ranks of Filipino stars appearing and even leading international productions.

You can catch The Girl He Never Noticed series on MeWatch or YouTube. There are a total of eight episodes that range from 20-30 minutes in runtime. Be warned that the show can get quite steamy. So, try to keep your viewings not so public.

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