Maine Mendoza Got One Step Closer To Living Her Flight Attendant Dreams

Our latest "what if" to obsess over.

Maine Mendoza reached for the skies after she got to experience her pre-showbiz dream.

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On the outside looking in, celebrities and stars look like they have it all. The fame, fortune, and fans could make most grin with glee. But experiencing this kind of success doesn’t and shouldn’t limit you to following other life goals you still have on that bucket list. Case in point, before she became the household name that she is now, Maine Mendoza had dreams of becoming a flight attendant. And just recently, she got to experience that long-held fantasy.  


On April 10, Maine shared on social media that she recently completed flight attendant training. This is no career shift though as it was done for an episode of the third season of her show, Maine Goals. Still, getting to experience that, even for a short while, was an experience Maine probably won’t forget anytime soon. “The path I was supposed to take 8 years ago. My teenage self would be happy,” she wrote in the post’s caption.

As seen in the photos the actress shared, Maine embodied the full flight attendant fantasy as she wore a complete uniform with a matching nametag that suited her well. Other core flight attendant experiences Maine got to do included water training and going down the emergency inflatable slide.

It can be recalled that the star graduated with a degree in hotel and restaurant management from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde and even interned in New York. However, being a chef wasn’t exactly on Maine’s cards as, in past interviews, she’s expressed that she didn’t know what she wanted to do in college. It seems that in 2015, becoming a flight attendant was what spoke to Maine’s heart at the time. That is, until, she got cast as Yaya Dub on Eat Bulaga. And we all know what happened next. 

It makes you think about what life would be like in the alternate timeline where Maine is telling you to fasten your seatbelts and asking you what you want to have for lunch. Given her charming and personable personality, we have a feeling Maine would have made for a great flight attendant. Let Maine’s experience also serve as another reminder that no matter what stage of life you are, you can still pursue those passions.

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