What Their New Beginning Means For The Members Of Loossemble

All aboard the Loossemble.

Loossemble is on a mission to start anew, find new friends, and yes, meet their Filipino fans very soon.

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2023 has been a big year for the members of LOONA, to say the least. And while they all went through a whirlwind of events and emotions, there was a light at the end of the tunnel as new opportunities and paths awaited these talented and loved K-pop idols. And one opportunity that presented itself was the formation of Loossemble. 

Composed of HyunJin, YeoJin, ViVi, Go Won, and HyeJu, the five members embarked on a new adventure with their new company CTDENM and became crew members aboard their spaceship called ‘Loossemble’. With a new mission, company, and not to mention new music, the K-pop girl group starts a new chapter of their journey while also portraying how valuable each member is and the truth of their universe.


Led by the title track, Sensitive, which is produced with a mix of bass and guitar rig to create a funky sound, Loossemble’s self-titled eight-track EP is everything we loved about the members all while showcasing a new artistic side to themselves. Case in point, each of the members participated in writing lyrics for many of the EP’s tracks. HyeJu wrote lyrics for Real world, ViVi, and YeoJin both wrote for Colouring, Go Won wrote for Newtopia, and HyunJin penned the lyrics for Day by day

While the members admit that there was a bit of trepidation with this new path, it was overcame by their overwhelming excitement of being able to do what they love as they make their fans feel the same energy. Following their debut, we had a chance to chat with the members as they opened up about the new group, working together, their goals, and more. Read on below for what they had to say.  

Congratulations on Loossemble’s debut. How does it feel to have officially debuted?

HyunJin: I’m really happy to debut again and spend time with my members, especially to meet our fans once more!

YeoJin: I’m nervous about this new start, but I feel confident because I have members with me to rely on.

ViVi: I’m grateful and happy that I’m able to meet our fans, C.Loo, again.

Go Won: I’m happy to be back on stage and grateful that we are paying back the love we received from the fans who waited for us.

HyeJu: I’m thrilled to be able to reunite with our fans so soon.

What’s it like embarking on this new chapter of your career?

HyunJin: As we embark on this new journey, our determination to do better grows stronger. We aim to enhance our future activities by addressing any things we lack from our past experiences.

YeoJin: I am confident that I can do even better than before, possibly because of all the experiences I’ve gained previously.

ViVi: I’m excited and eagerly looking forward to it because it’s a fresh start.

Go Won: I have some worries since it’s a new beginning, but I’m also excited and eagerly anticipating the days ahead.

HyeJu: I’m very excited about the future and eager to show our fans various aspects of our group that we’ve never revealed before.


Do you remember the time you learned that you’d be coming together to form a new group? What was your reaction to it?

HyunJin: At first, I was filled with excitement. Since it was a new combination of members, I had many thoughts about how our fans would perceive it.

YeoJin: I had a mix of worry and excitement, but I knew I had to trust my fellow members.

ViVi: It was quite hard for me to imagine, so I started thinking about what it might feel like. It was nice to know I’d be meeting our fans again.

Go Won: I was thrilled to reunite with our fans and had high curiosity and expectations about the concept and song we would present.

HyeJu: I shared the same thought as everyone else: “Let’s gather our strength and give it our all once more.”

How is it like working together as a team with regards to building that group dynamic and chemistry

HyunJin: We were a very close-knit group, so working together was effortless and enjoyable.

YeoJin: We have spent a lot of time together, so our teamwork was very strong.

ViVi: I found it enjoyable because there was a slight difference in chemistry and synergy compared to our previous work together.

Go Won: Since the members had been together for a long time, there were no difficulties, and I think our chemistry and synergy naturally fell into place.

HyeJu: It was a smooth process because we had already spent quite some time together and knew each other well.


How would you describe your overall experience preparing for your debut?

HyunJin: During our preparations for debut as a 5-member group, we had to be more attentive to several aspects. Despite the late-night practices and the exhaustion, we worked even harder with our fans in mind.

YeoJin: I believe that confidence can lead to achieving anything, so I decided to use this opportunity to build more self-confidence.

ViVi: Previous experiences helped me prepare better for this debut.

Go Won: The members and the company staff dedicated a lot of time to selecting songs for this album. Since this was our debut album, we paid meticulous attention to every detail.

HyeJu: Even though it was a debut album, I felt that it needed to be of high quality, given our previous experiences.

All of you participated in writing tracks for your debut EP. What was that experience like?

HyunJin: I’ve had an interest in writing lyrics for a long time, not just for this album. So during the preparation of the album, all the members expressed their desire to participate in writing lyrics. The company was supportive of our participation, so it was a great opportunity for us to write lyrics.

YeoJin: This experience has given me the confidence to do even better next time!

ViVi: The company provided us with great opportunities and enjoyable experiences, allowing us to share more of our stories.

Go Won: It was my first attempt at writing lyrics, so I faced some challenges, but it piqued my interest in lyric writing. I’d like to try my hand at writing lyrics again in the future.

HyeJu: Participating in lyric writing for the first time was challenging, but it definitely has sparked my interest. I hope to be more involved in it in the future.

How would you describe your songwriting process? Is there a specific routine you like to do when you pen down lyrics?

HyunJin: Personally, I tend to start with the big picture. When writing lyrics, I think about the message I want to convey and then create a kind of mind map, connecting words and ideas step by step.

YeoJin: I jot down all my thoughts and ideas that come to mind, and then I work on organizing them.

ViVi: Since it was my first time, I simply went with the flow and wrote down whatever came to mind.

Go Won: Since it was my first time, I didn’t have a set routine. I just wrote down words and phrases that popped into my head while listening to the music.

HyeJu: I didn’t receive any formal training in lyric writing, and this was my first attempt. So, I don’t have a specific routine. I simply jot down keywords and lyrics that come to mind in a notepad and piece them together as I go along.


What do you hope fans and listeners take away from your debut EP?

HyunJin: Our past moments together were filled with happiness, and we’re confident that the future will bring even more joy!

YeoJin: A reminder that time never waits for anyone.

ViVi: The message is to embrace new challenges without fear, trust your instincts, and pursue your passions.

Go Won: We ask for your unwavering support on Loossemble’s new journey, and we hope our choices inspire you to chart your own unique path.

HyeJu: I hope that they feel a sense of hope and inspiration.

How are you adjusting to going on tour in the US right after your debut?

HyunJin: As this is a tour going abroad, I’ve been actively engaging with English and paying close attention to it.

YeoJin: I’ve put in a lot of effort and enjoyed preparing the tour with the members.

ViVi: We embarked on a U.S. tour right after our debut, so we prepared for it even more intensively while getting other things done at the same time.

Go Won: I’ve been diligently learning the choreography, not just for the title track but also for B-side tracks in the album, and I’ve been taking English lessons as well.

HyeJu: My focus has been on taking good care of my health conditions, extensive practice, and regular English lessons.

What lessons did you learn from your past experiences that you’re applying to Loossemble?

HyunJin: I was able to quickly adapt to the new performances.

YeoJin: There were many aspects, including stage presence, interactions with the audience, making comments, self-introductions, and the time that it takes for us to coordinate everything during practice.

ViVi: Having great teamwork already was a helpful aspect for me.

Go Won: Our continuous dedication to coordinating choreography together has helped us to synchronize with one another more quickly.

HyeJu: I felt that doing my best in any given situation with a sincere heart can lead to progress.


LOONA performed in the Philippines at the ‘POPSTIVAL’ show last October to the delight of your Filipino fans. What message do you have for your Filipino fans who are hoping to see you again?

HyunJin: To our Filipino fans, we promise to come to the Philippines for a performance very soon! Thank you for your patience, and we’ll make sure to give you a fantastic show when we’re there. I love you all~

YeoJin: We’ll be back before you know it! Keep an eye out for our return!

ViVi: Thank you so much for waiting for us, and we will be soon on our way to see you! See you real soon <3

Go Won: Filipino fans, your support during last year’s event was so uplifting. I hope to meet you all again soon and will work hard to make it happen. Thank you for always cheering us on

HyeJu: I had a blast at last year’s POPSTIVAL, and I truly appreciate your support. We will see you soon as Loossemble!

What do you hope to achieve as a new group?

HyunJin: We hope to share our message and sincere feelings with our fans around the world.

YeoJin: We wish for everyone to have only happy memories and no hardships!

ViVi: We dream of a world tour.

Go Won: As we begin our debut on a global scale, we aspire to perform in every country where our fans are!

HyeJu: I want to enjoy every moment while performing on stage.


Since Loossemble is on a mission to find new friends, what traits or characteristics do you look for in a friend?

HyunJin: Loyalty is a crucial quality in friends.

YeoJin: I tend to be cautious and slow to trust people, so I appreciate it when someone takes the initiative to get closer to me. I also value humor and empathy in friends.

ViVi: I think being sincere is important in friendship. I believe that true friends last a lifetime.

Go Won: I enjoy the company of friends who can make me laugh and feel comfortable. It’s even better if we share similar tastes, especially in food!

HyeJu: I prefer friends with a similar energy level as me, and I appreciate those who are easy going and relaxed.

Photos courtesy of CTDENM

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