What EVERGLOW’s Long-Awaited Comeback Means For The Group


After a year and eight months, EVERGLOW is back on the scene with new music. The group reflects on the moment and what else fans can expect from them this year.

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Just like with EPs, fan signs, and photocards, the hiatus is a core part of the K-pop experience. Understandably, this should serve as the time for the group or artist to rest and recharge as they gear up for their next comeback or new project. But admittedly, a long hiatus can have us feeling antsy as we wait for our faves to return with new material. That was the case for the six-member girl group EVERGLOW. With bangers such as Adios, DUN DUN, and LA DI DA, the group came in hard during the start of the new decade. 

But after the release of their 2021 EP, Return of the Girl, it was relative radio silence from the sextet with a comeback seemingly far off, all to the concern of their Forever (the group’s fandom name). But as they say, good things come to all those who wait, and nearly two years since their last album, the girls made their return in August 2023 with their 4th single album, ALL MY GIRLS. 


Centering on the message to all girls who have lost themselves and have been enclosed in the boundaries set by society, as well as a self-telling story, the group went hard with their comeback. The lead single, SLAY, which is reminiscent of their earlier work, is an electronic hip-hop/pop song that leaves a strong impression with powerful drums, a stimulating, repetitive melody, and the members’ powerful vocals. 

Joining the song on the album are Oh Ma Ma God, a mid-tempo pop/R&B track that expresses the feelings of a girl not knowing what to do after falling in love, and Make Me Feel, a combination of light acoustic guitar and synth sounds that tell the story of being afraid to lose a lover because of how overwhelming their love has become. 


And to top it all off, EVERGLOW welcomed their comeback with their first-ever performance at KCON LA, which included a collaboration stage with LAPILLUS. It really does seem that EVERGLOW took the title of their comeback single to heart. 

Following their latest round of promotions, we got the chance to sit down with E: U, Sihyeon, Mia, Onda, Aisha, and Yiren as they look back on their long-awaited debut, what it means to slay, and more. Read on below for what they had to say. 

This has been a comeback that many have been waiting for. But for you personally, how does it feel that you get to release new music after so long?

SIHYEON: We’re immensely grateful to our fans who patiently waited for us, and this song is such a bop that it brings us so much joy when we perform it. Since our hiatus was quite long, we are determined to showcase an even better version of ourselves to a wider audience.

MIA: To be honest, I was very anxious and had a lot of thoughts during our hiatus. However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that there were a lot more people than I had anticipated who patiently waited for us. This motivated me to work even harder for those dedicated fans.

What was going through your minds as you were preparing for the comeback promotions for ALL MY GIRLS?

AISHA: While staying true to EVERGLOW’s concept, we wanted to present something slightly fresher and more surprising to our audience, with an image that everyone could admire. Above all, we were very eager to meet our devoted fans as soon as possible, who had patiently awaited our return.

YIREN: Since our fans waited for us for so long and so patiently, we were committed to putting in our best efforts and thorough preparation to make sure we didn’t disappoint them. Our goal is to deliver a performance that just shouts that ‘This is EVERGLOW.’


What was your favorite part about working on ALL MY GIRLS?

E:U: My favorite part was working with my members on this album after a lengthy hiatus. I genuinely love the title track and other songs of the album, making the recording and creative process incredibly joyful.

ONDA: It’s difficult to pinpoint just one! Since we worked on this album after a very long hiatus, the entire process of working on and preparing the album was filled with happiness and enjoyment.

In the lead-up to the release of the single album, many were shook by your looks for the comeback. Could you talk us through the inspiration behind the visuals for the comeback?

SIHYEON: Our goal was to show something that people have never seen before. Although I didn’t undergo a significant transformation, the other members did by trying surprising hair colors and haircuts!

MIA: We wanted to explore various new aspects while highlighting each member’s strengths. Since it had been a while since our last comeback, I certainly wanted to reveal a distinctly different side of us.


Now that ALL MY GIRLS is out for the world to enjoy, how are you taking in the reception from the fans and listeners?

AISHA: Honestly, due to our busy schedules, I was not able to check the reactions every day. However, I’m immensely grateful for the love people have shown for our songs and for us. I take pride in the hard work we put into the preparations.

YIREN: I was worried and anxious because it was our comeback after such a long hiatus. But I was truly thankful that our fans enjoyed it so much, and it inspired me to strive for even better performances in the future.

What was it like getting to perform at KCON LA?

E:U: The enthusiastic cheers from our fans in LA were incredible, and it really cheered us up. It had been a while since we performed on such a large stage so I was quite nervous, but the loud cheers from our fans turned it into an unforgettable memory.

ONDA: I felt incredibly happy and touched! The stage was massive, with a 360° setup, and there were so many fans cheering for us. Despite our anxiety stemming from the long hiatus, the support from the audience made us realize how many people loved us, and it became a performance that reinvigorated us with energy!


One of the most talked about moments during KCON LA 2023 was your collaboration stage with LAPILLUS. What was it like getting to work with the group?

SIHYEON: LAPILLUS came with a lot of practice, so the collaboration stage went smoothly without any major difficulties. Performing a collaboration with a respected senior’s song on a big stage like KCON was incredibly meaningful and a fantastic experience!

MIA: To be honest, we’re all very shy so we didn’t get a chance to talk much or become close friends with members of LAPILLUS. However, when I watched their practice, I was very impressed by their dancing skills! It was a pleasant surprise for us to perform on a collaboration stage with such a powerful song, and it turned out to be a unique and enjoyable experience.

How different is the EVERGLOW of today as compared to your debut era in 2019?

AISHA: I believe I’ve grown a bit more, both in terms of my inner self and my outward appearance. Also, the members have truly become like family to me.

YIREN: With each comeback, we’ve experimented with different concepts and explored various genres of music and dance. Now, I feel like I can perform on stage with more joy and authenticity.


What else can fans expect from this new chapter of EVERGLOW?

E:U: It’s been nearly five years since our debut, and it feels like all the members are maturing. We aim to deliver a more composed and mature performance compared to our slightly awkward and fresh debut days.

ONDA: “SLAY” has opened up a new chapter for us! We want to use this energy to present more songs and stages that can empower our fans. We’ll work even harder to meet more of our fans in person!


What advice would you give to the young girls out there on how they can slay every day?

SIHYEON: To “SLAY” your life, in my opinion, you need to listen to your favorite music, feel good while walking down the street, enjoy your meals, and get a good night’s sleep. Your health should be your top priority, and maintaining a healthy mindset is crucial.

MIA: I hope you live a life where you can do what you want without being overly concerned about others’ opinions. There will be tough and sad times that may seem unbearable, but if you truly want something, you’ll find a way to overcome it. If not, you can always explore other paths. Don’t dwell on it too much, and don’t let frustration consume you.


What message do you have for your Filipino Forever?

AISHA: Although we can’t meet in person frequently, I’m incredibly grateful for the lovely messages and support you share. I look forward to the day when we can meet again.

YIREN: To our fans in the Philippines! Because of your love, I find happiness and excitement every day! Thank you, always!


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