This Time, BBGIRLS Are Taking Control Of Their Story

They're back and better than ever.

12 years and a rebranding later, BBGIRLS are here to give you more about what you loved about Brave Girls, but with a bigger say in how it’s done.

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Technically, BBGIRLS aren’t rookies, but the K-pop girl group might very well be. The group, who used to be known as Brave Girls, made their debut back in 2011 and established themselves as a force in 2nd gen K-pop. The fact that they became one of the few 2nd gen girl groups to stay active as many of their contemporaries either disbanded or became inactive was a feat in itself. In 2021, the girls experienced the power of virality when Rollin’, which was released in 2017, became a viral hit and climbed the charts to become one of the year’s biggest K-pop songs.

But when it seemed that BBGIRLS were entering a new era, it all came to a stop when they announced in early 2023 that they were leaving their old company and dropping the name Brave Girls. Their hiatus proved to be short-lived though as Minyoung, Youjoung, Eunji, and Yuna signed with Warner Music Korea and rebranded as BBGIRLS, which stands for “Breaking Barriers”. Now, they are embarking on a new journey with a new name, new branding, and new sound.


Serving as the first project of their rebranding is the single album ONE MORE TIME. As the Summer Queens of K-pop, it felt correct that BBGIRLS would come back with fun and fresh bops that showcases their unbreakable friendship. The title track carries an addictive retro pop sound that samples Give It To Me Baby by Rick James and sings about a love story that reminisces about passionate summer with a lover while carrying the members’ message of gathering again and walking towards a bright future as BBGIRLS.

The second single, LEMONADE, is a pop ditty that depicts a cool, refreshing summer mood. It all makes for the newest chapter in their journey full of twists and turns. And at the end of the day, BBGIRLS stays on top now that they are staying front and center in their careers. Following the release of their single album, we had a chance to chat with the four-member girl group where they reflect on their new image, what’s next for them, and more. Read on below for what they had to say.

How different is BBGIRLS from Brave Girls?

EUNJI: The biggest difference would be that the members participated in every step of creating this album. Our opinions and ideas were highly included. We hope to try and showcase new sides of us, as well as charms that are different from Brave Girls. 

How did the concept of BBGIRLS come about?

YUNA: As it is our new beginning as BBGIRLS, we wanted to have a concept that is perfectly fitting for us. All of the members’ opinions were involved in this comeback concept. BB stands for ‘Breaking Barriers’, a message we’d like to convey.


What is it like being in a new company and starting a new chapter of your music career?

MINYOUNG: It feels very new and exciting at the same time. Since it is our first release since our rebranding, we hope to show people and our fans BBGIRLS’ color. So we found it important to communicate actively with our new label to start our new chapter. 

The members have been through so much over the years. What’s your secret to the strong bond you have with each other?

YUNA: The secret to our strong bond… I think it is probably because we have been through so much together. We have been through good and bad times together over the years, so that made us closer and stronger.

What are you hoping this new chapter for BBGIRLS brings about?

YUNA: BBGIRLS’ goal is to find and show our group’s distinct color to people. For a specific career goal, why not this year’s Rookie Awards? (laughs)


Before you headed into this rebrand, were you nervous or anxious as to how people would react to it?

MINYOUNG: As BBGIRLS, our concept and music are different from our past projects. There were moments when I was nervous or anxious as we couldn’t predict how fans will feel or react to our changes. But I believe that fans will love it, and with such trust, I can overcome any fears.

What made ‘One More Time’ the perfect song to reintroduce BBGIRLS to the world?

EUNJI: “One More Time” is the song that the members and the label team members have all agreed on with a strong distinctive sound. Also, it has a message of going again “one more time”, which is perfect to portray the beginning of our new chapter.

What was it like getting to work on this comeback?

MINYOUNG: Every moment working on this album was fun and memorable. Sometimes it was challenging as all members participated in each step of the process, which makes us feel more responsible for this album. 


For Minyoung: What is it like being the leader during this moment and guiding your members in your new chapter?

MINYOUNG: Everything went mostly smoothly. Members all listen to me well, as we’ve been together for such a long time. It’s a new chapter for us, but the process of being the leader still stays the same.. 

For Youjoung: Is there a memory that sticks out to you during the making of your new comeback?

YOUJOUNG: Our stage at the Dream Concert. It had been a while since the four of us went on such a big stage together, so it gave us a nostalgic emotion and the feeling of excitement of the new journey.

For Eunji: From a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your excitement for the group’s new chapter?

EUNJI: Do I have to choose from 1 to 10? I’d like to rate it 100. 


For Yuna: Since BBGIRLS are the Summer Queens of K-pop, what activities would you recommend to fans on how they can have the best summer?

YUNA: I haven’t tried it myself, but I’d like to recommend water skiing. I want to try it as well, it seems very exciting. 

What message do you have for your fans?

BBGIRLS: Thank you so much for your continuous support and love for BBGIRLS. We hope you will love this album as much as we all do. Hope we can see each other in person soon!  We love you!

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