All The Looks You Can Create With The SpongeBob x Careline 33-Piece Collection

Leave the residents of Bikini Bottom shaking with this beat.

Dive into a world of creativity with a treasure trove of blushes, eyeshadows, and lippies from Careline’s collaboration with SpongeBob SquarePants.

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Calling for the best day ever! Once again, Careline has set sail with none other than SpongeBob SquarePants. As if their last launch wasn’t enough, this beauty brand took its game to the next level with a treasure trove of makeup goodies – 33 pieces, to be exact. I would wager that even Painty The Pirate wasn’t prepared for this explosion of creativity and color.

When imagination meets makeup, the looks you can create with this collection are endless. From your peepers to your pout, get ready to channel your inner Goofy Goober and dive deep into Bikini Bottom-style makeup inspirations. Picture shimmery splashes that shine brighter than King Neptune’s crown and brows bolder than Sandy Cheeks.

Cool Coast

Who would have thought that Bikini Bottom doesn’t always bask in sunny skies? Embrace the ‘I’m Cold’ makeup look, effortlessly curated with the fusion of the Imagination Palette in Pink Shore and the Sea-rum Swoosh Tint in Cool Coast. This impeccable combo becomes your ticket to serving that icy-cool slay, ideal for the chillier days in Bikini Bottom. Infused with Vitamin E, the tint not only provides a hint of color but also that much-needed moisture, ensuring your skin stays hydrated and nourished amid the cooler weather of this underwater paradise.

The Sea-rum Swoosh Tint is available in three shades: Beach Bum, Cool Coast, and Sunny Shore.

Fun and Flushed

Get ready to add a fun and flushed vibe to your makeup routine with Oh My Blush! These liquid blushes, packed with skin-loving ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, are as bubbly and vibrant as SpongeBob’s personality. Just like the cartoon character’s ability to bring brightness to every situation, these blushes effortlessly enhance your makeup, offering a natural-looking glow that blends seamlessly into your base.

Oh My Blush! is available in four stunning shades: Girly Girl, Pink Patricia, Red Ahoy, and Shell Pink.

Golden Glow

Get ready to shine like you’ve just emerged from a golden beach day with the Imagination Palette in Nude Beach. This palette is the secret sauce for that radiant, sun-kissed glow. Featuring nine shades packed with soft shimmers, neutral hues, and deep browns, it’s as versatile as the Krabby Patty formula. Each shade brings a different vibe, from soft daytime glam to nighttime elegance, just like shifting tides in Bikini Bottom. Embrace those warm tones because this palette is your ticket to that golden glow that even Pearl would envy.

Paint the Town Pink

Are you ready for a SpongeBob-style splash of color and paint the town pink? Achieve this playful look with pink eyeshadow, a pink flush, and the final touch – the Tinted SpongeGloss in Magic Conch. With its non-sticky, lightweight feel, and lip-loving formula, this gloss is your secret sauce for the perfect pout.

The Tinted SpongeGloss is available in three shades: Crystal Coast, Magic Conch, and Sunny Coral.

Play with Plankton

Transport yourself to a Chum Bucket-inspired visual vibe that’s deeper than the ocean depths. Even though Mr. Krabs and Plankton might not be the ultimate besties, you can slay this look using the BFF Liner. This dynamic duo of gel and liquid liners is your go-to recipe for achieving those defined eyes and a fierce face. Just like an unexpected team-up, this liner combines the best of both worlds, giving you the power to create a look that screams, ‘F Is For Fire, That Burns Down The Whole Town!’

Shining, Shimmering, Splendid

Picture yourself on a glistening shore with a makeup look that shimmers and shines. Whether you’re yearning for something subtle or a sun-kissed glow, the Imagination Palette in Pink Shore is your golden ticket. Boasting nine shades that blend smooth mattes with shimmering hues, this palette unlocks another level in your glam game. So, set your sights high and unleash your inner artist because the sunny skies are your limit.

The Complete SpongeBob x Careline Collection

Contour Y’All

Our beloved seawater squirrel advises it’s high time to chisel those facial features. Even when contouring feels a bit overwhelming, don’t be deceived by the cream-based formula. Contour Y’all rocks that terracotta-toned shade, delivering a gorgeously natural sun-kissed look.

Oh My Blush

This liquid blush is a perfect natural-looking flush on the cheeks! Personally, Oh My Blush has become one of the top picks in this collection—it’s customizable, easy to blend seamlessly, and infused with Vitamin E. The only hiccup? Choosing a favorite becomes an impossible task with these four dazzling shades: Girly Girl, Pink Patricia, Red Ahoy, and Shell Pink.

Shimmery Splash

Just like Pearl, this liquid highlighter is all about that pretty-in-pink vibe. When they’re blended and melted into the skin, it totally serves a gorgeous glow.

Aye Aye Lashes

Picking the right mascara is all about nailing your lash type and the perfect formula that fits your needs. When it comes to must-haves, the Aye Aye Lashes is a game-changer—let’s face it, you need mascara that keeps up with your FU.N-filled life!

This waterproof, volumizing gem ensures your mascara won’t budge, allowing you to live your best day without any smudging.

BFF Liner

The BFF Liner is where wings aren’t just for flying but for braving underwater adventures! With this dynamic duo of gel and liquid liners, you’ll craft wings that withstand life beneath the waves. Dive into the ultimate formula for achieving those sharp, defined eyes that last through any aquatic escapade.

Beach Brow Duo

Dive into the Beach Brow Duo, a dynamic combo serving you both a brow liner and mascara. This powerhouse duo lets you channel your inner main character with brows bold enough to define and darken, just like the depths of Bikini Bottom.

Bubble Town Spray

Get ready to meet your new BFF: the Bubble Town Spray! It’s the magic mist that will keep you as fresh as the Bikini Bottom breeze, ensuring your makeup stays strong all day and night. Just like the Bikini Bottom squad, who are friends4ever, this setting spray locks in your look for a glam bond that’s totally squad-worthy!

Stickini Brows

Level up your brow game effortlessly with Stikini Brows—this brow soap is the real MVP. Say goodbye to heavy, stiff brows and hello to a sleek, all-day hold without the drag. Best believe you’re keeping those brows slaying from sunrise to sunset with this game-changer!

Best Blush Ever

Get ready for the blush you’ve been low-key dying for. With its highly-pigmented powder formula, it’s the makeup must-have for a long-lasting flush. Like a Krabby Patty line during a lunch rush, you best believe this blush won’t leave.

Boosted with Tocopheryl Acetate, this blush comes in four of the cutest shades: Imagination, Meow Love, Money Money, and Wumbo.

Dream Cream Tint

Experience the enchanting comfort of the Dream Cream Tint, pampering your lips with a non-drying, creamy matte formula that lasts all day. Available in four delectable shades—Creambob, Sundae Cheeks, Sherbet, and Swirl Fudge—these tints are as irresistible as a Krabby Patty fresh off the grill at the Krusty Krab, ensuring your lips stay as dreamy as Bikini Bottom itself.

Imagination Palette

Picture yourself on a glistening shore with a makeup look that shimmers and shines. From neutrals and browns to pinks and reds, the Imagination Palette is your golden ticket for those lids that glow like sunsets.

Coming in two palettes, both featuring nine shades packed with soft shimmers and matte shades, the vibe is as versatile as the Krabby Patty formula.

Oh, Puh-Lips

Dive into luscious lip hydration with this intensely moisturizing lip oil that boasts a delightful tint. Packed with skin-loving boosters like Tocopheryl Acetate, Shea Butter, and Argan Oil, it’s the secret formula for a lip treat better than a day at Glove World! Available in five shades—Chocolate Bar, Fancy Date, Jellyfish Jam, Pink Star, and Pretty Plum—pick your shade and unleash your inner Bikini Bottom diva with a lip look that’ll make even Squidward smile!

Sea-Rum Swoosh Tint

Get that long-lasting look with the Sea-rum Swoosh Tint, giving your lips a stain that stays slayin’. Packed with Vitamin E, this tint not only serves up a pop of color but also keeps your pout hydrated, perfect for those cooler days in Bikini Bottom. Take your pick from the trio of shades: Beach Bum, Cool Coast, and Sunny Shore, and rock the beachy look with these lip essentials.

Tinted SpongeGloss

The Tinted SpongeGloss is your go-to lip companion, boasting a non-sticky, lightweight feel, and a formula that loves your lips, delivering the perfect pout. Available in three captivating shades—Crystal Coast, Magic Conch, and Sunny Coral—this gloss offers a spectrum of hues to match every mood and hoorah.

The SpongeBob x Careline collection is now available online at Careline’s official Shopee, Lazada, and Tiktok shops, and in physical stores at SM Beauty Department Stores, Robinsons Department Stores, and Watsons Mall Stores.

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